Thursday, April 02, 2009


I miss feta cheese. My children are pining away for it. We ate it daily while living in Turkey but the price was much more affordable over there. So, I've decided to make it. Can anyone tell me if 6.50 for 2 oz of liquid rennet is a good price? Do you have any inexpensive online sources that I may not know about? Is liquid better than tablets? Vegetable better than animal?



  1. Anonymous2.4.09

    I just bought liquid for $7.50 - my hubby is the cheese maker (just started) so I can't give you an opinion on the pill vs. liquid question, but I can wish you good luck!

  2. I don't know how it compares with the "real stuff" but I buy feta at Sam's and it's very inexpensive compared to our grocery stores small, tasteless packages.

  3. Anonymous3.4.09

    Check Hoegger Goat Supply. They sell liquid rennet and I think it is around $5.00 for a couple ounces.

  4. I buy from she recommends liquid over tablets because it's easier to measure.

  5. We have found that the rennet tablets make great cheese also. We've bought them from our natural food store for about $2 for a six tablet pack. Just recently I saw them for sale in Walmart! They were next to the jellies/ice cream toppings!

  6. I love feta also. Even though we have rare breed dairy cows, we kept a few goats just so that we could have stronger tasting feta. I buy all of our cheesemaking supplies from also which is New England Cheesemaking Supply. The owner has had much to do with building a cheese making renaissance here in the US.

    I use liquid rennet because I can get a vegetarian form, measure it easily and precisely and not have to wait for a tablet to dissolve. Even a small bottle lasts a long time. She sells a number of versions of rennet. Her liquid rennet is also $6.50 for 2 oz but it is double strength. You can choose what suits you best. You can get the butter muslin you need there also for hanging your cheese after you have cut the curds.

    Yum. Have fun. Oh, I wish had some feta right now. I just love it.

  7. Jamie3.4.09

    Granny Miller said...
    Jamie -
    Yes $6.50 is a fair price.
    No I don't have a cheap online source.

    Rennet tablets are cheap and readily available but not as good as liquid.

    I think liquid animal rennet is superior to all other forms but can be hard to find.
    Imported liquid rennet is considered to be the Cadillac of rennet.

  8. Thanks for all the helpful info.

    I ended up ordering from I'll try the liquid first. Hannah, I will have to check at our local Walmart. (NO SAM'S anywhere near us) I've heard that they have junket (not as strong) It would be great if they had just rennet.

    Jamie, I've been enjoying Granny Miller's blog. She has a wealth of info.

  9. Anonymous5.4.09

    My friend makes the most delicious feta cheese with her goats' milk. She shares sometimes--then I'm in heaven.

  10. Jamie5.4.09

    Yes, she is great. Did you see her feta recipe? , I used to make ricotta type cheese with my goats milk, using lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, which was wonderful. Now I have no goats, but I do have kefir grains, incredible! :)

  11. Anonymous7.4.09

    I have a question related to the curriculum that your family used(s). Regarding history, what if I were to use your list of books and history rotation starting in the 3rd grade; would my child have lost a lot of history knowledge not having studied the history you list in Year 1 and 2? (Although n year 1, we did use A Child's History of the World and completed the whole book that year.) -CMgirl

  12. We love our Feta cheese too. Our salads must have feta and Avocado. Yum yum!
    With regards to the price ... we pay R16.00 for a small tub.(about $1.60)

  13. Anonymous7.4.09

    I absolutely love your blog. I have been spending hours reading through your links. Thank you for sharing so much. It is the best CM related blog I have come across yet.

    As I read through your Nature Study post, it made me think of a day last week when I took my 8 and almost 3 year old sons to the park to view God's beautiful painting up close. However, not having done a nature study before, it was really great to read how your family does it. I did have some difficulties trying to keep my toddler with us as he either wanted to hang back or move forward when we weren't ready, but we all enjoyed it immensely and I'm looking forward to doing more of it. -CMgirl

  14. Anonymous8.4.09

    Our does are due any day now and I'm going to start milking my favorite, Naomi, as soon as possible so I can make feta. I appreciate the comments others left. I hope you will post your results, Lindafay.

    Also wanted to thank you for the new format on your blog (links opening in a new window--with all the poking around I do on your blog, this sure makes it easier).


  15. Anonymous8.4.09

    We just buy our feta at Costctty good price. But I've never tasted feta from Turkey ... it might not compare. :)