Saturday, October 11, 2008

Isn't it Lov-E-ly?

I wanted a clothesline all summer and DH did too. It just wasn't as far up on his list of priorities as mine. I finally realized that I could make one myself. I don't know what the previous owners used these metal poles for but I'm sure glad they are in my backyard.


  1. Great idea !! There no better scent than dried-in-the-fresh-air-and-sun laundry. Enjoy.

    God Bless.

  2. Way to go! My dryer had some issues a week or so ago. I was wishing for a clothes line! Fortunately it was only the knob and we are using a pair of pliers now!

  3. I had my years of clothes line drying...happy to have a dryer now...those afternoon Florida showers can have you running out to 'save' the clothes!
    I like your new and cheerful header!

  4. Lindafay--do you have to put any of the fabrics in the dryer for a short period of time to "unstiffen" them?

    I find that jeans/thick cotton pants & shirts, etc, need a bit of heat to soften them up...maybe I'm doing something wrong?

  5. Oh, Lindafay. I do so hope you checked your neighborhood association's covenants. Somebody might put up a fuss. *wink*

    Very creative. Love it.

  6. I would also like to comment on the comment about the stiff clothes. Does anyone have any ideas how to keep them from being so stiff, and rough that does not require a dryer, as I don't have one?

  7. Lori and bj,

    I don't have a solution.
    I grew up with stiff, laundry hung clothing. In the winter we freeze dried them-VERY stiff. I don't mind the stiffness. I think of all the money I am saving by line drying : )

  8. Love your blog...and line dried clothes :) I'm putting in a guess on the frame in the pic (although I can't tell the height) ...a deer rack?? For cleaning/dressing-that type thing.
    I enjoy reading about your new life :)