Thursday, July 05, 2007

Founding Documents of the United States

Learn Out Loud is offering a free audio download of the Founding Documents of the United States. Almost two hours of audio recordings, featuring the following documents:
  1. Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" Speech
  2. The United States Declaration of Independence
  3. The Articles of Confederation
  4. The Virginia Plan
  5. The Constitution of the United States
  6. Federalist Paper No. 51
  7. United States Bill of Rights
  8. Subsequent U.S. Constitutional Ammendments
  9. First Inaugural Address of President George Washington


  1. I've never heard of Thanks for posting the link.

  2. What a great website and I am definitely taking advantage of the free download.

    Thanks so much,
    Harmony Art Mom

  3. Ohhh ahhh!! Lovely... I love history.. really I do. Those are all sound great! We just watched "National Treasure" if you know what that is.. and it was a good reminder of the history of America!


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  4. Thank you, Linda for stopping by and leaving such encourgement on my blog! I can't tell you just how much I enjoy *your* blog and how helpful it is to me. :)