Sunday, April 08, 2007

All I can say is, "Wow!"

Or try here.


  1. Judy Aron8.4.07

    Thank you for sharing this - This young girl is incredible.. and now it is easy to understand how we had Michaelangelo and Mozart.. this young girl brings reality to the phrase divinely inspired.
    I will definitely let people I know hear about this.
    Thanks again for sharing this. I think she can bring us all hope in this crazy mixed up world.

  2. Anonymous8.4.07

    Thank you so much for your inspiring blog! I have tried to post this comment several times and am having technical difficulties so I'll get right to the point. Would you be willing to post your ideas/process for teaching US History. I've noticed the texts you use and would love it if you would "flesh out" how you do it. Thank you again for this blog - you've introduced Charlotte Mason to me and I am so grateful! (As are my children - I'm finally tossing those workbooks!)
    Anna Peterson

  3. Welcome, Judy. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you are inspired. I certainly was.

    I am happy to hear the workbooks are being tossed. : )

    My only 'method' for teaching history is reading the books and having the children narrate. I don't prepare fancy lessons. I simply look over the passage to be read, write on a dry erase board a few new vocabulary words they may not know and then read aloud. We always have a map nearby so that we know where the story is taking place. Afterwards we usually add an entry to our wall timeline or the older children add an entry to their timeline notebooks, but they read their own history books.

    I have found that I don't need to prepare elaborate projects to make the lesson fun. The books have enough literary merit to create enthusiasm in the child for the subject. My children continually, on their own, act out the events and people during their play times. I keep a dress up box and also playmobils for this purpose. Occasionally, we may do a project, but this is rare. Some moms are very crafty and enjoy making more projects with their children. I think that is perfectly fine. However, in order to finish lessons by lunch time on a daily basis, projects would have to be kept to a minimum.

    As you learn more about Miss Mason's philosophy you will understand my answer a little better, I believe. If this did not answer your question, please be more specific and I will try again.

  4. Thank you for blogging that video. I had not heard that story. IT is really something special. And I am surprised CNN broadcasted a clip that was so heavy on faith.