Monday, January 15, 2007

Your advice, please?

If you had an opportunity to receive a free magazine subscription about the home, what would you choose? I like "Old World style" decor in my home and like magazines with recipes. Could anyone offer some suggestions? I'm afraid I am becoming hopelessly out-of-date living over here on the edge of the world and no longer know what is available.


  1. Several years ago, I received 'Traditional Home' that was very good and would probably fit the bill, but I don't think there were many recipes. I get 'Romantic Homes' now, and love it...but it really does focus more often on ~English Cottage~ style more than anything else.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the other suggestions you get...I always love learning about new resources! :o)
    Have a blessed day,

  2. Anonymous15.1.07

    Being a Southerner. . .Southern Living! :)


  3. I have found that many magazines are geared toward people with unlimited funds and very fancy homes. I have always liked Coutry Living, it usually has a lot of recipes and the decorating idea aren't too overboard.
    Whatever magazine you end up getting, I hope you will sink into a comfy chair with a hot drink and give yourself a well earned break!

  4. Anonymous15.1.07

    Real Simple is definitely my favorite. I'm not sure it would completely match up with your preferences, but I love Real Simple for its tips on organization, simplification, and emphasis on what you can get done easily in a short time. It's a bit different than others than have been suggested (it's more of a general magazine than one devoted singularly to decorating and cooking). It is also targeted to a slightly younger audience.

    You can brouse through the current issue's table of contents at

    I heartily recommend it!


  5. Taste of Home is a favorite with a lot of people for recipes. I also like Paula Deen's recipe magazine because she cooks like I do (American Midwestern/Southern). My daughter loves Cooking Light magazine, the recipes are healthy and often simple to make.

    As for decorating, I like Country Living, Country Life and Cottage Style (can you tell I like country?). Traditional Home is very good, too.

  6. One of my favorites is Mary Englebright's Home Companion. Also Country Living and Cottage Style are good.

  7. I love SOUTHERN does focus on Southern traditions, recipes, and areas of the South...but, the pictures are amazing and there is alot of info on antiques as well. What I mostly enjoy is that there is NEVER any trashy ads or is a magazine I would not be embarrassed by! It is very tastefully done and a real treat to read.
    I also enjoy Simple and Delicious as well as, Taste of Home for good recipes.
    Have a great day!
    Leigh Ann

  8. Jeanne S.16.1.07

    Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion is my favorite as well. I've never tried the recipes, but I LOVE the pictures and articles. She always includes paper dolls on card stock to cut out. My little girl really enjoys that.

  9. I don't know about the magazine...
    but I am so glad I went to
    BuckeyeXtra-Homeschooled Hero
    on your side bar.
    Alot of Gator fans here in Florida,
    to pass this on to!