Monday, May 22, 2006

Just Another Day in Paradise

As I stood in the entrance of my kitchen, my husband passed me with a huge wooden sword in his belt loop. Behind him walked my eldest teenage daughter with a plastic sword and an old skirt around her shoulders. Next, followed my middle daughter with a bow and arrows, another ‘skirt cape’ and braided hair in a style strangely familiar. Lastly, came my two youngest trailing behind with glow in the dark ‘force’ swords, ‘towel capes’, sticks and backpacks.

As they walked toward my front door I called after them, “What on earth are you doing and where are you going?”

“It’s not earth, Mother. It is Middle Earth,” replied middle daughter, gravely. “We are The Fellowship, and we are going to our secret meadow to act out the stabbing of Frodo. Do you want to come?”

“No, thanks,” mouth gaping open…

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    May 22, 2006 - What a mind picture :)

    Posted by Canadagirl

    I could just picture this and I got a real good chuckle. It so nice to hear about a dad being involved with his kids.Bravo.
    In Him,

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    May 22, 2006 - And who were the black riders?

    Posted by ThreeLittleLadies

    The only "stabbing of Frodo" that I can remember is on the cliffs, a frightening scene! Don't you love their imaginations. I just love that Dad was leading the pack too. Thanks for sharing.

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    May 22, 2006 - God made daddies different from mommies

    Posted by lindafay

    My husband sometimes does shocking things. I certainly wouldn't encourage acting that scene out with my younger ones, but the call wasn't mine on that day. Only my two oldest have seen the movies. The younger kiddies just hear bits and pieces and can hardly wait until the day they get to begin reading the books and watching the movies. In our family, the book must always be read before the movie is watched, and most movies, in my opinion are not worthy adaptions anyway. But LOTR is an exception. We love them. May the King return quickly!

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    May 23, 2006 - Untitled Comment

    Posted by humpty

    Isn't make believe fun? Isn't it a shame that kids in school probably never have that kind of play with all of the stupid homework they assign and the mentally absent parents. My dh and my gs go almost everyday, after school, down to the beach (we adjoin a lake) and continue to build a Robinson Crusoe type shelter against some trees, using only driftwood. They have "decorated" it with finds from the lake like discarded bottles, cans, pieces of thick glass and mussel shells. It is a sight to behold!

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    May 23, 2006 - Untitled Comment

    Posted by lindafay

    That is a wonderful idea, Humpty! I showed your comment to one of my daughters who is reading Robinson Crusoe. She was inspired!

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    May 24, 2006 - thanks for posting

    Posted by FivelittleZarcones

    I know I am probably over estimating the romantic side of Greece- I just really want to go someday!! I have friends from Crete and they tell me the same thing that you do.

    On another note- you are inspiring me to re evaluate AOL. I used to use it and I got overwhelmed with so many grade levels. Are you clustering subjects to school them all at once or are they doing a lot of reading on their own? How are you managing with four children- I couldn't keep my sanity.


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    May 25, 2006 - for Monique

    Posted by lindafay

    I understand! ...about Greece, that is. It's the idea that we cling to, not the reality. That's why I like LOTR!

    about your AO question- My children are each in a different level. I started them out together but found that my oldest would miss out on some great studies if I held her back. Also, the logistics of independent readers sharing books got too difficult. It stopped the 'competition' tendency, as well.

    It's actually easier for me to keep them in separate levels. I came up with a good scheduling system that saves me a lot of time and worry. My two eldest read almost all their books by themselves and on Fridays we have a group day and do Plutarch or Shakespeare, Nature Study or Handicrafts, Picture and Music study together. You can read more about how we do this by clicking on my ORGANIZATION category in the sidebar.


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    June 21, 2006 - Untitled Comment

    Posted by gottsegnet

    That is too funny! Who needs virtual reality when we have actual reality?