Monday, March 27, 2006

Reminiscences of Rome

Recently, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the city of Rome for our wedding anniversary. We managed to find a lovely and affordable little hotel within walking distance of just about everything and spent four wonderful days visiting the various museums, churches, Vatican and ancient ruins. I had some pretty high expectations and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. In fact, I fell in love with the place. That is why I am writing this post. You must visit Rome! It will be worth every penny. The Sistine Chapel was beautiful, the Last Judgment was incredibly eerie, the Vatican was very impressive and I especially enjoyed seeing Raphael’s original ‘School of Athens’. (Some of you may recall Frances Schaeffer pointing out the symbolism behind this painting.) We also saw Michelangelo’s Moses and the Pieta, St. Peter’s cathedral, the ancient coliseum, the Pantheon, Romulus and Remus and the she-wolf, Caravaggio’s paintings, and many, many other beautiful works.

My new favorite artist is Bernini. I had never heard of him before our visit. His sculptures were so life-like that we just gazed in awe at the talent of this man. Here is a picture of Proserpine being abducted by Pluto. Look at his hand digging into her thigh. It really looks like flesh.

Here is Daphne turning into a tree to escape Apollo. Notice her fingers becoming branches. Pictures simply cannot capture it.

This is David about to throw a rock from his sling while biting his lip. Amazing!

It is a VERY romantic place. I strolled through the small streets with my lover, stopping at cafes, parks or beautiful fountains in the evenings, thinking to myself, “I thought this only happened in movies…so glad I was wrong.”

If you ever do decide to visit Rome, I suggest you go during the off-season. It is cheaper and less crowded. We went in late October and it was perfect. Favorite places visited were: The Villa Borghese and its surrounding park, the Capitoline Museums, the Vatican, the ancient coliseum and forum, and the Fountain of Trevi. By the way, don’t forget to brush up on your art and Roman history!

Now, I know that some of you must be thinking, “Rome? We could never afford a trip like that…but thanks for the nice post, Linda.” Well, I thought the exact same thing for years but you never know what lies around the corner in life… ‘and that may be an encouraging thought.’

If you want to see a slideshow of our trip to the Eternal City, go here.

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    March 27, 2006 - vacation

    Posted by Jimmie

    Sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I still have hope that I'll one day get to go to Europe -- Greece and Italy are right on the top of the list. What a wonderful experience!

    March 28, 2006 - How Lovely!

    Posted by MyLittleWomen

    That sounds so beautiful and romantic! My hope is to some day go to Ireland...but Rome would be great too.
    The sculptures are absolutely splendid. Thanks for sharing.


    March 28, 2006 - How divine!

    Posted by Mileshouse

    A romantic vacation in ROME! How awesome. If we decide not to adopt any kids from Russia, maybe we'll use our free tickets to go there!

    I'm checking out the slide show next.


    March 28, 2006 - Untitled Comment

    Posted by Mileshouse

    It requires your password for the slideshow to work...can you reset it to be open for viewers?


    March 29, 2006 - I remember Bernini...

    Posted by FireInMineEars

    I went to Rome this past summer with Hillsdale College's Western Civilization study abroad trip, and I, too, fell in love with Bernini!!!! We saw the David, the Proserpine, and many others. Seeing your pictures made me remember it all over again!

    Thanks for sharing!

    March 30, 2006 - Untitled Comment

    Posted by lindafay

    Jimmie and Sommer, thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Melanie, slideshow is fixed. Thanks for alerting me.

    FireInMineEars, I'm assuming you saw the Sistine Chapel, in keeping with the name of your blog (love it). So glad you were able to visit! I really want my daughters to go there in a few years. While there, I wanted to show them so many beautiful works. I will try to respond to your book tag today.

    blessing to all of you,

    March 30, 2006 - Sistine Chapel

    Posted by FireInMineEars

    Oh, yes, I LOVED the Sistine Chapel. I was the last person from our group to come out of there, and when I did come I brought two pages of notes with me!