Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Music of Proclamation (Christmas 2012)

Bryana writes:

There are holy days that come around to close off our year because of the Holy One that came to close off all our darkness. To me the most joyous part of our celebration of this ultimate occasion is our music of proclamation: the refrains that are as old as grave cathedrals; the declarations that are as new as last year; the carols that were written to announce the wonderful news through the wet streets, and in fire-lit homes.

CarolaChristmas has always been one of the highlights of life in my family. We have longstanding traditions for these holy days and one of these is music that has been part of our festivity for as long as I can remember.

Sadly, much that passes for Christmas music in our bewildered culture is nothing more than unsubstantial noise. Even our traditions center more around chestnuts and open fires, reindeer, mistletoe and snow than around the arrival of the Great Light. It can be hard to find artists who incorporate the mystery into their music. This is why I want to share a little list of some of my favorite Christmas music, in hopes that you will find something here you’ve never heard before, and that it will perhaps make the miracle settle a little deeper into you.



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