Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Latest Project: King Arthur and His Knights

Charlotte Mason had her students perform three major plays each school year. We have done this just about every year since the children were very young. Eventually, the plays became movies.

A few years ago, my older girls began spending their summers teaching some of their young friends how to act and film their own movies (including commercials). Everyone enjoyed this so much it has become an annual event. In December, we throw a Christmas party and invite the parents to watch the finished project together with the kids. Then we give out copies as gifts.

It is really gratifying to see how the children have blossomed over the years in their acting abilities. Children who were once shy, now perform with confidence and joy. My third daughter Abigail, who is 14 years old, recently made this trailer of the movie she's been working on with her friends this summer. She hopes you enjoy it.

King Arthur Movie Trailer

Christmas gift tip: Buy your children a cheap digital camera that records videos and encourage them to make movies of the tales they are reading in school.  (Children don't need fancy equipment to do this. Windows Movie Maker which comes with Windows free of charge, a trunk of large, unwanted clothing and a digital camera are all that we have used for many years.)

More short films here.

One step at a time....


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  1. How exciting! My children and I wanted to watch more! :) Great idea as always!