Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old Books: Feast of Ideas or Indigestion?

Silvia has many helpful posts about a Charlotte Mason education on her blog. Recently she asked:
"Why is it that we, "Charlotte Masoners", hold on to these old and rancid public domain type of books relentlessly? Why do we insist on our children listening to sections of these books and narrating from them? Why do we care about nature walks when children are too old to be at the park on a week day morning? Why do not we get serious and buy a grammar book for our second grader? 

For those into the Ambleside selections, why don't we abandon Little Duke on the second or third reading when it is apparent that the names and events overwhelm our short term memory, and get tangled up in our mind? What makes us keep coming back to Parables from Nature, or to open up week after week all the hard books even when last reading was sighed upon, complained about, or not welcome with enthusiasm?"

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  1. This was a very good article. Thanks for linking to it. It is hard to know sometimes when to persevere and when to save a book for a little later.