Friday, September 21, 2012

Folksong: Death of General Wolfe

This is one of my children's favorite folk songs. I introduce this when we study this time period. (2nd yr of HUFI, I believe)

During the French and Indian Wars, General James Wolfe led British forces in the Battle of Quebec, aka The Battle of the Plains of Abraham, (September 1759) against French General Montcalm. The British were victorious but both men died in the battle.

 LISTEN and sing along

Come all ye young men all, let this delight you,
Cheer up ye, young men all, let nothing fright you,
Never let your courage fail when you're brought to trial,
Nor let your fancy move at the first denial.

So then this gallant youth did cross the ocean,
To free America from her invasion,
He landed at Quebec with all his party,
The city to attack, being brave and hearty.

The French drew up their men, for death prepared.
In one another's face the armies stared,
While Wolfe and Montcalm together walked,
Between their armies they like brothers talked.

Each man then took his past at their retire.
So then these numerous hosts began to fire,
The cannon on each side did roar like thunder,
And youths in all their pride were torn asunder.

The drums did loudly beat, colors were flying,
The purple gore did stream and men lay dying,
When shot off from his horse fell this brave hero,
And we lament his loss in weeds of sorrow.

The French began to break, their ranks were flying,
Wolfe seemed to revive while he lay dying,
He lifted up his head as his drums did rattle,
And to his army said, How goes the battle?

His aide-de-camp replied, Tis in our favor,
Quebec, with all her pride, nothing can save her,
She falls into our hands with all her treasure,
Oh then, brave Wolfe replied, I die with pleasure.


  1. I love adding folks songs to our education. We always turn to Youtube with our list to see what treasures are to be had.

    Here are a few finds prompted by your lead:


  2. There's some good links there. Thanks for sharing.