Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catching up

My kids made this video. It shows what we've been doing these past three years. It probably says it better than words.


  1. Thank you for sharing a peek into your life! :) Your land is beautiful and my children loved your goats & geese! :) What was the song playing? It was relaxing! :)


  2. That looks like a wonderful life (and a lot of work)!

    My kids enjoyed watching it with me. It was fun to tell them that the kids in the video have been reading a lot of the same books as they have.

  3. Anonymous19.6.12

    Looks like a good life. (And oh, what a lot of work! But then, that's part of a good life!);D


  4. Please.... will you kindly tell me who played the music, the song name, group name, what language it was, etc. It was as lovely as the video. What a beautiful life you have...

  5. Yes. We have a beautiful life and, as Judi mentioned, it is a lot of work. It takes so much time and effort to tame the wild weeds that so quickly want to take over. The children have had a hard work ethic instilled in them- out of necessity. We couldn't do it without all of us working together. But it's is also rewarding.

    The name of the song is An Saighdiuir Treigthe sung by Thomas Loefke

    It's an Irish Gaelic folk song meaning, 'The Deserted Soldier.'

    (Hi Stacy :)

  6. Please pray for me...
    This is the life my husband led.
    This is the life I once was open to.
    This is the life, when the first child came,
    I became closed to.
    This is the life I don't want to return to.
    It is a good life...but in my case, it is complicated.
    And I don't want to leave the blessings received in Thornhill.
    But, if it is God's Will...I am going to have to surrender.
    And that is going to take a miracle.
    Thank you for sharing the images of a hard, but good life.
    It has stirred the soul...
    How hard it is to let go.