Monday, March 09, 2009

History Dates for our Timeline: Year 2

I've had several people ask me how I arrange our timeline cards and what do I determine to be the most important events, so I am posting the sheet that I refer to as I read Hillyer's Child's History of the World aloud. This is what we do your Year 2 of our curriculum.


Orange= Israel
Purple= Europe
Pink = Rome
Black = Other


Term 1
Julius Caesar 50 BC
Augustus Caesar 30 BC

Birth of Jesus Christ 4 BC
Paul the Apostle AD 60
Nero (persecutes Christians) AD 60
Titus (destroys Jerusalem) AD 70
Pompeii destroyed AD 80
Marcus Aurelius (Stoics) AD 170
Commodus AD 180
Constantine AD 300
Fall of Rome (Barbarians) AD 470
Dark Ages Begin (Justinian) AD 500
Monks (Benedictine) AD 600

Term 2
Mohammed AD 620
Battle of Tours AD 730
Charlemagne AD 800
Alfred the Great AD 900
Vikings Discover N.America AD 1000
William the Conqueror AD 1060
Crusades AD 1100
Richard the Lionhearted AD 1100

Term 3
Gothic Cathedrals AD 1200
Mongol Invaders AD 1200
Magna Charta AD 1200
Marco Polo AD 1300
Ibn Battuta AD 1330
100 yrs War AD 1350
Black Plague AD 1350
Joan of Arc AD 1420
Gutenberg AD 1440
Columbus AD 1490
Vasco De Gama AD 1450
Spanish Conquistadors AD 1500
Balboa AD 1510
Magellan AD 1510

one step at a time...


  1. Have I told you lately how wonderful I think you are? :) Just last week I was thinking ahead to next year and wondering, and you just posted exactly what I needed! Thank you again for all your efforts and for SHARING all of your hard work with the rest of us!

  2. Thanks for posting your list. My one complaint against Child's History of the World is that it doesn't give many dates. I know dates aren't *that* important, but do help for getting events in order. And that matters, since one event leads to another. ;)

  3. Did I tell you that I want to be you when I grow up? :)

  4. I'd be very grateful, if you ever have time, if you'd offer feedback on my plans posted I have learned so much, and my daughter has gained so much, from your suggestions that I really value your input.:)

  5. I enjoy your blog and I've given you an award! So, please stop by my blog when you get a chance.


  6. Thank you all for your very kind words.

    Lisa, I emailed you.


  7. Anonymous12.3.09

    I check your site frequently and get some great ideas. Thank you so much for taking the time to be specific -- I appreciate your willingness to share what you have learned. I have 4 children (2-10) and started out homeschooling 5 years ago using The Well Trained Mind and almost lost mine (or at least the will to homeschool!) until I found the Latin Centered Curriculum (a more traditional classical educational model which I think meshes very well with Charlotte Mason). I wonder if you have ever read it? Anyway, it inspired me and there was so much talk of CM methods that somehow or other that's how I found your site, which has been a lot of help to me in figuring out specifics. And this encouraged me to read CM's books, which I have started and am loving! I think what she was doing is very close to what LCC is proposing, and I am really getting a lot out of her writings. So, thank you for helping me!

  8. Stacy (Aussie in America)14.3.09

    Dear Lindafay,

    Thanks for posting this list. We have been reading through A Child's History of the World using your plan for the past 2 years. My daughter often makes a card for the timeline after each chapter, unless the chapter is an extension of the previous one. I often wonder if we are doing this right! But then I figure she's learning so it should be fine.

    Recently our timeline was knocked off the wall and everything was mixed up. It should be fun putting it back up :)


  9. Jen L15.3.09

    Thank you for the extra effort you always put forth while sharing. These details are always so extra helpful.

    Jen L

  10. I like your cards! I am excited to try it with my kids.

  11. Stacy,
    I have wondered how you and DD are doing. So glad to hear it's going well. Thanks for dropping me a line, today.

  12. Anonymous18.3.09

    Dear Linda,

    I just saw a delightful decorating site yesterday from your Latest Delicious Finds spot and checked it out late last night, forgot to save the site and can't remember the name of it. Now it's gone!!! :) Do you remember the name of it? Thank you!

    I have studied your site extensively and am learning so much, my 4 children are thoroughly enjoying the new, improved method of learning!! Thank you!

  13. Anonymous12.7.12

    Thank you!