Friday, November 14, 2008

October Highs and Lows and a Few in Between

Howdy, folks. Every thing's okay. We are just busy living life. My dear husband devotes most of his day hovered over a computer translating Turkish documents so that we can enjoy our lovely little farm. Meanwhile, much of the home and farm maintenance falls on the kids and myself. I teach my six year old in the mornings while the other children work on their lessons. Then I usually go outside and work in the garden, repair fences, or take care of animals. The flower beds were getting to be too much for me so I gave each child her own to weed and beautify. Whenever I get a chance, I cook and freeze a few more pumpkins and butternut squash. The children are a great help with the housework now and take turns cooking the meals with or without me. Here's a few of October's highs and lows:

We celebrated our dear son's 6th birthday.

Watched the birth of four baby goats.

The kids learned how to castrate/band a goat : 0

We lost five chickens to hungry, bad, bad dogs.

One of our cows died from an illness or a rattlesnake.

We butchered six feisty roosters. That was a hoot!

I got poison ivy for the third time this summer from touching our dogs.

We met some wonderful homeschooling families and have begun meeting together for the purpose of encouragement around God's word.

We lost our winter garden to rabbits and a sudden early frost. My husband turned into Mr. McGregor complete with hat and gun. Watch out, Peter!

We bought a guard dog for our goats. He's still an adorable puppy but when he grows up he is supposed to turn into every coyote's worst nightmare. We shall see.

Hosted a scavenger hunt and hot dog roast for home schooled teens at our farm.

The kids entered a spelling bee on a whim and every one of them came in 1st or 2nd place for their age group, thanks to Charlotte Mason's dictation methods and excellent literature.

We lost a baby goat one night and thought for sure the coyotes would eat her. The children cried. We found her the following day weak but alive. Oh, the elation! For the first time we understood what it means to 'leave the ninety-nine to look for the one' and what JOY is experienced in finding the one lost lamb/kid. (Luke 15:1-9)

What have you been up to?


  1. When we moved to our "farm" my mother-in-law, unasked of course, presented us with a dozen leghorns, two of which turned out to be roosters. Our then 7-yr-old daughter named them after the villains in her then-favorite movie "101 Dalmatians" Jasper and ?? (the name escapes me). They were mean and aggressive and did not live out the year. They were the first birds we ever butchered. We had isolated them in the north half of the coop which had no cover and we went out one day and they were covered with snow (a rare thing around here) and were shivering, so killing them was merciful all the way around.

    We cooked them in a pressure cooker and made chicken and dumplings and I think it was the most satisfying meal any of us ever ate!! So we completely understand how it could be a hoot. Winning battles, whether spiritual or physical, is always wonderful.

  2. It's nice to see you back. I enjoy your blog a lot, and had been checking in here and there.

    My family dreams of doing exactly what you are doing now (minus the Turkish translation!), so thanks for letting us see what it's like.

  3. Amazing picture and update. I really enjoyed reading it! What a difference your lives are from when you lived overseas! It is neat how you've been able to take up the dream and run with it. Praise God. I'm sorry you've lost so many animals. You must be in a pretty wild place. Are the bad dogs your neighbors? That is an awesome testimony about spelling. Did you never do spelling lists? How do you go about teaching spelling?

  4. I meant to ask if the dogs belong to your neighbors - not are they your neighbors! Lol!


  5. Good to hear your update. Here's what's been going on here - highs and lows.

    Found out baby is a boy, and are narrowing down the list of potential names.

    Lost one of our dogs to a rattlesnake, but found a wonderful Christian vet in the process who charged us only a fraction of the cost in trying to save him.

    Significant struggles with Karis' medication - lots of bad side effects, screaming, and tearing out of hair (mine) while trying to figure out what is going on and what to do about it. I think we have reached a happy state now, with pretty good seizure control and no side effects, as long as she does not drink any milk with the new medication.

    Sure miss seeing you guys at church. I have Christmas presents for the children that I'll have to figure out how to get to you. If you're planning to be at Grace some week before Christmas, maybe you could drop me a quick email and I'll bring them along.

    Blessings, Christy

  6. We have been enjoying too much running the roads combined with some encouraging visits with some good friends. I'm happy to have a post to read. Was wondering where you had been.

  7. What an adventurous summer/fall you had!

    We started the summer with a flood, and it was so sad to lose so many precious books (our homeschool room is in the basement), but guess what? I pulled a Bible, a hymnal, a concordance, out of the water and they were completely undamaged! Shouldn't surprise me, the Word has walked on water before.

    Then we visited my oldest at his YWAM school in Hawaii, what fun.

    I had dental work followed by nearly a month of extremed pain and I took care of my mom after her back surgery.

    Crazy, busy, full!

  8. Dear Lindafay,

    Buy a baby donkey, (or an adult if you can't raise one.) They are the very best guards against dogs and coyotes. They make wonderful companions for goats and cattle and people. I don't know if you are close to Canton, Texas, but every weekend before the first Monday of the month, there is a large flea market and they sell many animals and have baby donkeys for sale... We brought ours home in the back of a surburban! :)

  9. Thank you for your posts. I've been reading them since the late spring. I'm new to CM and homeschooling, my oldest just turned 6 this month so I've been exploring your Kindergarten curriculum ideas and loving it! I'm also in East Texas--Lindale...I wonder if you're close?
    Thank you so much for sharing your insight and inspiration. I love visiting your blog.

  10. The farm life tends to be highs and lows, doesn't it? I've lived it for 14 years now and they both keep coming. It's such a rich way of life, and I hope we never have to trade it (even with the lows.)

  11. karabeagle,
    My mother n law did the exact same thing, except she presented us with 25 chickens and 3 cats. What to do? They should be laying eggs any day. I've extended the daylight hours with a bulb and we are all waiting on pins and needles for the first egg!

    OUR dogs killed the chickens! We have tried to get rid of them but no takers. We really LIKE our dogs, too. They keep wild animals away from our goats. sigh...

    Christy, Traci and Shelley,
    Thanks for sharing your highs and lows. Shelley, I am so sorry to hear about your flood. I hope you didn't lose too many books. I couldn't imagine losing my library.

    Grateful Graft,
    We wanted a donkey but couldn't find a Jenny. This Pyr came up at a good deal so we bought it.

    We live about 2 hours north of you. Email me if you ever want to visit. We love visitors.

    Do you blog about your farm? I'm familiar with your neat homeschooling blog.