Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There's Nothing like Eating a Freeze Pop on a Tire Swing

No farm is complete without one.

And I put it up all by myself.


  1. I love tire swings!!!!

  2. I have been visiting your blog for months now and really like seeing your new style of posting. Tire swing + freeze pop = Life is Good!


  3. Well done!

    My daughter really wants a tire swing...I just have not found anywhere to put trees in our yard.

    That looks like a lot of fun.

  4. That is so cool! I wish we had trees big enough to hold a tire swing. My kids would love it. I love the photos on your blog!

  5. Love the swing!

    Thanks for the encouragement on the heat. I may have to invest in the water bottles.

    I enjoy reading your blog. I found it when you were still in Turkey. I use Amblesideonline and found it that way. But, it really interested me because when I was in high school we lived in Izmir, Turkey. My dad was in the military and we were stationed there. It was my favorite place that we lived!

  6. The problem with the stinkin' feed reader is that I can't leave comments from there.

    Anyhoo, it's just so great to see your kids enjoying all the space they now have. I loved the posts from Turkey, and was thinking how I would miss seeing the people and land of Turkey in your pics and posts, but I'm so thrilled for your kids, I don't even mind it at all.

    And you can blame the feed reader for my lack of comments, cause I'm apparently too lazy to actually come here and comment most of the time, and well, somebody has to take responsibility for that, and it's not going to be me. LOL! Hmm, maybe it's time for me to do a lesson on laziness or accepting responsibility.

    I just love your blog, Lindafay

    Love, Shelley

  7. Oh the life...... and what a beautiful setting to be swinging and slurping in!!!!
    It was so good to have you visit my blog.
    I loved catching up on all your news. There are always alot of exciting things happening at your home!!!

    BTW..... I found that clip about Nick(Life without Limbs)so inspiring I posted it on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Wonderful! All kids need a tire swing!

  9. For your next fun "swing" project, try making a Monkey Swing (which is VERY simple !).

    Make a round "seat" from wood (a circle of wood maybe 12-18" in diameter -- and use a thick board with the sides sanded smooth to prevent splinters).

    Next, drill a hole in the exact center of the "seat" (the hole should be as close to the thickenss of the intended rope as possible). Paddle bits (for the drill) work well for this.

    Feed a sturdy rope through the center of the seat, knotting underneath (big sturdy knot !).

    Pull the remaining rope (which should be coming up through the center of the "seat, with teh knot under the seat), up from the center of the seat.

    Suspend the top of the rope on a high sturdy branch with PLENTY OF CLEARANCE --- side to side and back to front. There should be nothing within range of the swing plus added "space cushion" for legs and arms of rider).

    This simple swing is is loads of fun, as it is a lot "less predictable" as "swings" go. It spins, swirls round and round, and goes this way and that. Quite a wild ride.

    So happy to hear you are enjoying your new Country Life !


  10. Becksbounty,
    What you described is the swing I really wanted. The grandparents have one like that but I don't have the saw to cut a round board. We hope to make one eventually. The tire was already on our property with some scrap metal so I did what I could. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for visiting, ladies.
    xoxo You are wonderful encouragers to take the time to comment on my blog.