Sunday, September 14, 2008

Practical Ways to Cultivate Spirituality in a Child: Part 4

(Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3)

My children have a personal devotional time in the mornings right after they wake up and before they come to breakfast. It generally takes 10 to 20 minutes depending upon their age. Here are some practical resources we use for our 9 and 10 year olds.

For Young Ladies
Many of you have probably already heard of Carol Fiddler's excellent book for young ladies called Girl of Beauty. I like this book because it doesn't focus too much on modern preteen culture and on the other hand, it isn't legalistic. Some authors urge us to cling to previous historical times and cultures- as if this will protect our children from the world. Let's not make the mistake of keeping our children in Laura Ingalls' pioneer days. I really believe we need to raise young people who are relevant to today's youth so that they can be salt and light. At the same time, being relevant doesn't mean we have to be caught up in today's culture. The author briefly chats with the reader about timeless issues that all young ladies face and gives scriptural advice for handling difficult situations. My girls had to dig into the Scriptures in order to complete each study. It was interesting and timely for their particular age. They spent an entire week on each chapter. (there are 19) Some chapter headings include, Truthfulness, Sunshine Makers, Ideals, A Sense of Purpose, Courtesy and Respect, Competition, Disappointments, Besetting Faults

Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz is my favorite pick for this age. The author does a wonderful job addressing common boyhood issues such as laziness, temptation, authority, inventiveness, and honesty, shyness and fear. There are 31 short chapters. You could use this as a private devotional book for your son or Dad could read this aloud to his son and have heart to heart discussions.

On weekends, my children read from the Psalms or the New Testament and write little summary narrations or favorite verses in their Bible Journal. I found that it is helpful to divide the Bible/prayer journal up into a few sections with little stick on tabs or masking tape so that my children's writing stayed organized. (Divisions: Girl of Beauty, Sermon Notes, Bible reading, Prayers)

Sunday Books
The books that we save for Sunday afternoon reading for this age group include:
Wise Words by Peter Leithart (The Proverbs of the Bible illustrated through stories)
Hero Tales Vol 2 by Dave and Neta Jackson (short biographies of Heroes and Heroines)
The King's Daughter and other Stories for Girls by J.E. White (character building stories for young ladies) (
Tiger and Tom and other Stories for Boys (character building stories for young men)
Polite Moments Vol 4 by Gary Maldaner (learn to be a servant)

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  1. Betty15.9.08


    Thanks so much for writing this. Alyssa and I did Girl of Beauty but I don't know if I finished it with her...time to dig it out. You articulated a frustration that I have had with all the books we've read written for young ladies. They are written for girls of bygone eras it seems, even if they were written recently, and as I read there seems to be so much that we have to weed through. Many of them seem overly focused on externals rather than character and heart. I have felt that some of these books will produce judgmental, legalistic girls unable and ill-equipped to function in today's world (and still be salt and light). I don't mean to add to what you said so accurately and eloquently.

    I was praying for you during Ike. I don't know where you live in relation to the area the storm hit, but I pray you all are fine. Who'd have ever thought a year ago, that you and I would share the experience of watching for hurricanes?

    Many Blessings,

  2. Hi Linda,

    I just had to share that my 6yo asked Jesus into her heart today as a result of our Bible reading time. The time spent reading the Bible and helping our children develop a relationship with God is so totally worth it. Dd6 is my 5th child to do this, but it is always fresh and new and I'm still teary; nothing else like it.

    Thanks for taking the time to write these articles :-) My 10yo has started The One Year Bible for Kids as a result of me reading your recommendation, and it's great for her. I've also just ordered 2 copies of Girl of Beauty for two of my other girls.


  3. Anonymous23.9.08

    This series has been a wonderfully informative picture of this subject. Thank you!
    Many Blessings,