Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just stopped by to water the plants...

Here's what we've been up to, Folks.

Weeding the Garden-

and picking big ole, gross tomato worms off the plants.

Killing Snakes-

Copperheads and Cottonmouths are abundant

Feeding Chicks-

and making a rat proof, coon proof, coyote proof, fox proof coop

Raising mousers-

and keeping the hawks away

Weeding flower beds-

I'm discovering all kinds of goodies under the weeds

Finishing the wood floors-

We finally have a sitting area!

Chasing our cows-

who keep breaking the fence

I've also been entertaining relatives, mowing, teaching Westley to read, filling nature journals, fishing, feeding a small army, washing mountains of laundry, etc... etc....

I haven't been this sore in a long time and the chiggers are merciless, but it's a satisfying kind of pain. Many of you know what I'm speaking about. I feel like we resemble the families in The Relatives Came.

People everywhere, each doing his own thing, cooking, hoeing, laughing, eating and just breathing together.

Tootle doo!

one step at a time...


  1. Sounds great, we have had a crazy summer of traveling, and there is still more! It is fun, but it is also nice to just stay at home and tend my garden!!
    Good to hear from you, your sitting room is lovely!!

  2. So much work, but I can see that it is rewarding.
    Your sitting area is beautiful.
    I'm curious about your technique of teaching Westley to read...I am teaching my son also.

  3. Anonymous13.6.08

    so good to hear from you, your sitting area looks great.

  4. Glad to hear that you are settling in! Sounds like a learning experience a minute around there!

  5. I just remembered what else I was going to tell you. In Tennessee it is illegal to kill any snakes. I found that out while I was researching the Chicken snake that had invaded my home a year or so ago.

  6. Good to hear that you're settling in! Sounds like you have lots of good things going on. Blessings! Rebeca

  7. It all sound so lovely! Except the snakes. Gotta love farm life!

  8. Anonymous13.6.08

    for your tomatoes be sure to read this post

    and when we had hs field trips with rangers in GA they said if you go on a rampage to kill every snake you see then they will get after you but not if you kill a venomous snake on your property. Black or Rat snakes are good, they kill venomous snakes. and that's ALL i want to know about snakes!!! LOL!

    here are some photos of our garden Your's is looking great!

  9. Hello Linda Fay,

    Been wondering how things were going--looks like a lot of fun around there!

    Your sitting area is lovely; I like the window that sits so close to the floor. Seems it would let in so much light and I like that about a window. :)

    After seeing the size of your cows, I'm glad we only have to chase goats back in every few days, even if there are 20 of them. I'll take goats' horns over your cows' horns any day!



  10. WOW, I thought..."Is today the day?" and there it was...a new post! Yay!

    Cows? Didn't know you had cows? And I just hate snakes...don't know how you do it!

    Your room looks fantastic, and the kids look happy...good work, Lindafay! (now take a nap!)

  11. I'm feeling very pleased for you and your family. You're at the point where all your hard work is starting to show and your life in a new place is starting to have shape.
    Following your story in the last few months, it is such a testament to the blessings of God. I have been helped by seeing you trust in His provision through some very uncertain times.
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. sharron13.6.08

    Boy, you have been busy!! I'm glad to know things are going well.

  13. If you ever hear of anyone being bitten by a copperhead, you may want to pass on this information. I know a lady who was bitten, and she experienced excruciating pain for 6 months. The treatment that made the biggest difference in her pain was an "ionic foot bath" which drew out toxins. At this point, she finally started to feel some relief from pain.

    May the Lord bless your family as you have blessed me through your blog!

    Thank you!

  14. One of my favorite books!

    And watch out for those copperheads! Eeeeeeek!

  15. I am just stunned by that snake. Yipes!!!


  16. It's great to see what you are doing! Thanks for posting. :o)

  17. Don't forget that the coop also needs to be possum proof, dog proof, and snake proof. Don't ask how I know.

  18. Oh man, do we wish we coulda' stopped by!
    I would have loved to see your place - except for the snakes, of course!

    I see your face on Jocelyn's MyBlogLog, and I wonder how you all are doing. I hope well. Sounds like a good, hard-working summer.

    Have a blast. HUGS and love from the Dixons!

  19. Those kitties are adorable! The snake - not so much;)


  20. I love this book!
    I really reminds me of my family reunions. Lovely blog!

  21. What a busy, fulfilling life! So different than the life of a city-girl like me. :-)

  22. Hi everyone! We are really having a great time fixing up this place. Finally got hot water in the kitchen and finally bought an electric fence so our cows haven't been going anywhere. They kept breaking the fence before. I hope you are enjoying your summer! We are still schooling but plan to finish at the end of this month and take a five week break. Normally it is a little longer but the big move slowed us down a bit. The kids are having a great time. If you are ever in the area you are welcome to visit.