Monday, March 10, 2008


After 18 years of city life, we just wanted to be a little closer to God's green earth.

We asked Him for a few acres and a pond. The house could be modest. We'd fix it up over time. Three bedrooms would suffice if we could convert a second living area to another room.

He answered.

A six bedroom, two story brick home on fourteen acres with a large pond and creek.
The price is unbelievably low.

But our God is full of surprises.


  1. Ahhhh, Lindafay.... That is awesome! God does tell us to ask him.... you took him at his Word, and He provided exactly what you needed!
    It's beautiful....

  2. barrellfullofmonkeys10.3.08

    Oh, how beautiful. God is sooo good. Congratulations on your new home!

    Kathy D.

  3. But our God is full of surprises.


    Congratulations, Dear Family. =)


  4. What a wonderful blessing

  5. Hi
    I have never posted to you - but have been greatly inspired by your postings over the past year. I am so delighted that God has blessed you and your family! He is AMAZING!!!!!

  6. A house of bricks, nicely done.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  7. How wonderful!! Congrats!!

  8. WOW! that's big news! I hope the people in our neck of the woods start lowering home prices....they are keeping even 2 bedroom homes way out of reach and overpriced even by realtor standards.

  9. Hi Lindafay,

    This is my first comment to you - I've just discovered your blog while on bedrest so have spent the last few days poring over the archives!

    I've been so so so blessed and encouraged by your wisdom and your heart. We're going to use Ambleside Online when my children are old enough so I feel I've found a goldmine here on your blog!

    Anyway, I just wanted to share how thrilled I am for you finding such a lovely home.

    Jackie (in Australia)

  10. Oh, wow, that's awesome! We're so glad to hear you have found a place to settle.

  11. Wonderful news! The house is lovely.

    And all that land....very nice


  12. What a faithful God we serve!!! So excited for your family! Isn't that overwhelming feeling a little better?!?!
    blessings to your family!
    Renee in Michigan

  13. It's beautiful! God is the best! What a blessing for your family.

  14. What a beautiful home! God is good :)

  15. Wow! And, WOW! What a faithful, generous God we serve. :)


  16. Thanks for sharing your blessings so we can rejoice with you and give thanks to the Father alongside you! It is truly wonderful news. I am thrilled for you. I know that the move must be a hard adjustment. The lovely home makes it a bit easier, I imagine.

  17. Congratulations! I'm glad you didn't get stuck in TX-wooden fenced-suburbia!


  18. How wonderful for your family!!!

  19. How wonderful! Now you really have me curious. When we visit my parents we pass a house in East Texas that looks just like yours. There is a big swing set in the back. We've always admired that beautiful home!

  20. *Sigh* I can't believe I was signed in as webmaster again. The above comment was by me--CharityGrace.

  21. Oh, Linda!

    What a HUGE blessing! :) And a beautiful home. With so much space for the kids to roam. I'm so happy for you! Thanking God with you,

  22. I am very happy for you! What a blessing! Our God is so faithful and good to His children!


  23. Thanks for sharing the joy, everyone!

    This house doesn't have a swing set in the back. It must be a long lost twin or something.

    We haven't finalized everything yet, so we are still renting for the rest of the month. I'll tell ya more when we actually move.

    Thanks again All.

  24. Hooray!!! It's so great to see how the Lord provided for y'all so abundantly. Thanks for sharing the news.

  25. What a blessing for you and your family! After hearing of some of the places you have lived in overseas, I am sure this will feel every bit a mansion! God is good!


  26. I am so thrilled for you! It's encouraging to me, too. We just got into a temporary house yesterday. It's incredible to be on our own! And we're out in the country. :-) We get to be here for a month. I'll be praying for you as you finalize everything and move. God is good!

  27. That looks like a dream home to me! So happy for you and your family!

  28. Truly a blessing!

  29. My jaw just dropped - excuse me while I pick it up off the floor.

    WOW is all I can really say. Congrats!

  30. Donna14.3.08

    Oh my gosh! First thought that came to mind is - who gets to mow all that grass!! (We only have 4 acres) You mind consider getting some miniature donkeys. Welcome back. Donna in TX

  31. Anonymous15.3.08

    You call this modest? I would like to see your idea of grand. Very nice. Congratulations on your find.


  32. No Donna, I don't call this house modest. I call it grand- way above and beyond our expectations.

  33. Anonymous19.3.08

    hey, wondered wehre in TX taht is since we are moving to tx the end of April. We would love to have that kind of house with all that land but we will be by dallas and I dont think there will be much of that near there!


  34. So, that is definitely a dream house!!! We live just North of Dallas and I'm hoping that you found this house nearby so that I can move into the neighborhood... lol! I know to be safe, you shouldn't say exactly where it is... but can you ballpark it for curiosity's sake? (and for my potential moving's sake... another lol!)
    Happy that you're settling into Texas well!

    Be Blessed,

  35. As you can tell, I am behind on your GREAT news!!
    WOW! I am so excited for you all. How beautiful. What a blessing!

    Knowing we are most likely moving in the next months-year, and knowing we will have to search out a new homestead, I am truly happy for you all! Of course, Sprittibee just left our home today, and she is trying to talk us in to moving to the Lone Star state, so we'll see!! : )) lol

    blessings! and enjoy that new nice place God gave you!
    Hugs~ J