Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tea Party Idea: Rivendell

We are not a quiet family. Those who know us personally and read this blog are snickering right now. (Now don't deny it. I can hear you!) They know too well that we like to dance and debate loudly and sing, tell jokes and more jokes and generally make fools of ourselves. I blame it all on the father of this family, but I digress...

We like to make our own fun and often center it around the books we are reading. J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is definitely a family favorite. Watching the ten hour trilogy has become a New Year's Eve tradition. My daughters have made their bedroom into a leafy Lothlorien realm complete with entry password (Mellon). They probably listen to Howard Shore's classical LOTR masterpiece more than any other CD. Into the West is their favorite song and it makes me tear up sometimes because I know why they love it so much. It stirs up a longing in their hearts towards another land that they will travel to some day- the Good Land.

So it only seemed natural, while planning for our annual autumn tea party, to center this year's theme around a beautiful place within their beloved story.

Ladies and Gentlemen (if any happen to stumble upon this girly place accidentally),
Let me introduce you to...

The Tea Hall


Only a few favored souls may enter the Elven realm by invitation only:

click on pictures to enlarge

The weather is perfect-a drizzling rain has blotted out the sun, casting shadows about the hall. As the guests arrive, they are greeted by a smiling Elven maiden at the candlelit entrance. "Welcome to Rivendell." She hands them a tiny piece of folded paper and guides them down a dark candlelit corridor and into the great Tea Hall.

But wait, the door is shut up fast. Only those who know the password may enter. Fortunately, they remember the paper in their hands,

"Speak 'Friend' (in Elvish) and enter"

The door seems to open on its own volition.

The hall is brightly lit and candles abound. Brilliantly colored autumn leaves of red and gold hang by fine threads from the ceiling. Other Elven maidens wearing their handmade cloaks greet the guests by name.

An elf is singing somewhere in the shadows. All is peaceful and quiet.

Red berries are strewn across the table. Each setting includes a red napkin rolled and tied with twine and a place name. The dishes are clear. Inside each empty soup bowl there is a chocolate wrapped in red gold wrapper and a peach colored rose. Small orange and gold dishes hold individual votive candles.

Once seated the guests are handed menus and treated to a delightful luncheon.

click on picture to enlarge

Afterwards, all retire to the sitting room where they are each offered a skein of colored thread and 1.5 mm crochet needle neatly wrapped in gauze and ribbon. Those who wish, are instructed in the art of fine needlework and commence to begin work on lace bookmarks.

In return, the hostesses are each honored with a fine gift- a teacup for Alassiel, a lavender candle for Eruwethiel, a small gold notepad for Honalasse and a beautiful trivet for Galadriel. Later, after much laughter and fun, they are escorted again to the hall where fine teas and dessert await them.

Time slips by. A knocking at the door followed by male voices and running little boy feet, " Did you save me any dessert, Mommy?!" brings the maidens back to reality. Goodbyes are said and kisses blown.

Ah... Farewell to Rivendell.


  1. As usual, I am left envious--in the best way of course! Very well done!

  2. Betty8.11.07

    I LOVE it!!! I want to come!! Great inspiration, again!!

    Grace & Peace,

  3. Great fun! Where did you get those crazy capes?

  4. How lovely! Oh what a beautiful picture of words you painted! Then seeing a few pictures of the evening was great! Thank you! :-)

  5. Oh my...
    this is lovely...
    I called the kids to come see!
    You really go beyond the average tea party!
    Besides that LindaFay...
    your house is so lovely...
    beautiful border,furniture, drapes, floor. I just had to let you know...hope you don't mind the admiration...I know you are humble.

  6. OH...
    I've nominated you for Best Encourager...the blog awards.

  7. Beautiful table! We are inspired to do a Harvest party tomorrow evening!

  8. Thank you ladies. I didn't mention that I was sick that day so I was a little frazzled and forgot to take many pictures.

    Keri, you are a sweetheart. Thank you for the honor. Our dining room is quite lovely. This is one of the nicest apartments we have lived in yet. However, I must say that Turkish workmanship is always interesting to say the least. This place was slapped together and is a construction nightmare, but it looks pretty on first glance. We had a windstorm last night and, I kid you not, our biggest concern was that the building would stay intact. The roof has completely blown away twice among other things...

  9. Very nice! We are actually having a tea party for my daughter's ninth birthday at a local tea house. She is so looking forward to it.

  10. How fun!! Love the menus, great job thinking outside of the box. :)

  11. You inspire me everytime I pay a visit to your blog! Thank you!

  12. How awesome! Your family sounds like ours... my children are always building something on our house, usually involving most of my pillows, blankets and other odd, assorted items!

  13. I want to start this tradition with my girls. You really are an inspiration!