Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Should Children Memorize Scripture?

My seven-year old daughter and I are reading Pilgrim’s Progress together this year. Yesterday, we came to the part when Christian fought Apollyon. My three-year old son listened in attentively because the duel had swords in it and that particular word, ‘sword’ is the love of his life right now. He couldn't help himself and picked up his sword (which is attached to his belt at all hours of the day ) and began fighting the imaginary monster with a passion.

A moment of inspiration came to me and I quickly grabbed my pretend darts and shouted out a lie to them, “God doesn’t love you!”

Dear Daughter grabbed a nearby toy sword and responded with a sounding blow upon my head while shouting aloud, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not die but have eternal life!”

I, Apollyon, threw another dart, “Your brother is being mean so you should not share your toys with him.”

She paused for only a moment, “A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs it up!” --while raising her shield.

I was thrilled that she caught on to the game so quickly. Dart after dart I threw, and she would respond with verses that she had memorized. My dear little son parroted her words and used his sword upon the wicked fiend as well. Finally, ‘Apollyon’ gave up, wounded and flew away.

Sometimes we need to be reminded why we are teaching our children to memorize the Word of God. Sometimes our children need to be reminded as well.

one step at a time...

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  1. She is well-armed!

    Do you read an abridged Pilgrim's Progress?

  2. Oh how wonderful!
    What do you use to memorise scripture?

  3. Oh, this reminds me to blog on something my Grandson did this week concerning applying Scripture. You'll have to read it.

  4. Great post!
    I just found your site through JOY. Don't mind if I nosey around for a while!

  5. There's a sword? Wow! Maybe I can get my son to listen to THAT part at least! LOL.....Sounds like a great day at your house!

  6. Wonderful, thought-provoking post..as usual. :)

    I think that you make a really good point about memorizing scriptures...there needs to be a point. If all we are doing is memorizing, it isn't adding tools to our spiritual tool belt. I am encouraged to keep on making sure I am helping my children learn the application of scripture as well as the words.

    Thanks lindafay,

  7. CB, we use the original version, but only read 3 to 4 pages a week.

    Spinneretta, I came up with my own passages. They are listed in my curriculum booklists. I wrote more about memorization and how we chose the passages in another post under the Recitation/memory work category.

    Thank you, everyone, for visiting.

  8. Thanks for posting this, Lindafay. The kids and I read and talked about your post this morning after breakfast.

  9. Great post! I need to do more memorizing with my 6 year old.

  10. I absolutely love these kind of teachable moments, and seeing the fruits of our labors, and homeschooling! Thanks for sharing! So cool.

    We will be reading Pilgrim's Progress shortly in our curriculum. I am looking forward to it.

  11. Great post! I definitely need to do more Scripture memorization with my oldest.

  12. What an incredible "picture" of how we are to respond to Satan's lies! And, your daughter does seem very well armed!

  13. What a great post. Scripture memory is a high priority for us, but I've been convicted lately about the need to be more intentional in the application throughout our days. Thanks for sharing this!