Thursday, October 18, 2007

1 Little Boy + 3 Big Sisters =

Scary, isn't it?


  1. My littlest did that very same hairstyle to me just the other day! lol. He wears it well. ;)

  2. Yeah! We have a lovely photo of my son, when he was just 2-years-old, wearing a leotard, tutu, and makeup. His older sister was so proud (while laughing hysterically!) He is adorable in that picture, but there is no way that the 8-year-old will let me publish it.

    Your son is a courageous kid, but I guess he needs to be with 3 big sisters!

  3. Jimmie18.10.07

    I've discovered that Blogger is accessible today. Horray! I can comment. I am still enjoying your nature blog and this one via Bloglines! :-) I often save your blog for last. It's always good like dessert. Your posts (amazingly) frequently speak to a specific concern on my heart at the time. Right now it's my sweet daughter's spelling skills. Thanks for your wisdom.

    Your son -- yes, scary. But so funny and real! You are a gem! And that boy is too! Tell him I love it!

  4. Sometimes all it takes is just one big sister. We have quite a few pictures like this though in some of them the little boy is crying. Guess he wasn't too appreciative of his sister's hairdressing skills.

    I've never commented before but want to say what a blessing your blog has been, both for your information on homeschooling techniques and also for the glimpse into another part of the world. I've had the opportunity to live in Asia, Eastern Europe, and now Africa and I love getting to know new places.

    Thanks so much.

  5. Nice hairdo!
    I can imagine...three big sisters!
    By the way...
    beautiful qilt!

  6. Poor child! Ruined for life I'm sure! LOL

  7. You all are too funny!

    Garnet, thank you for coming out of the woodwork. I can't even believe I am blogging. I am a woodwork sort of gal myself.

    Jimmie, your kind comment just warmed my heart. Thank you!

    Blessings to ALL of you,