Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NEW! The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival

In the past, I have contemplated starting a Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival but knew I wouldn't have the time to keep it up. Fortunately, Jacci, over at An Educational Life, has stepped up to the plate and offered to get it started for all of us. I think this is a great idea and am looking forward to gleaning from others. The first carnival will be held September 18th at her blog. If you would like to participate, please don't be shy. Just click on the picture above and follow the instructions. Please refrain from posting about general homeschooling ideas, but rather keep it focused on Miss Mason's ideas and methods in your home. The first carnival will be about Nature Studies.

Anyone can grab the button above and put it on your blog's sidebar or in a post (no hot linking, please). Make sure you don't forget the accompanying link. Spread the word. The more, the merrier!

one step at a time...


  1. Hi,
    I am really excited about this carnival. I'm so glad Jacci decided to start it.

    We are in week 3 of 1st grade and really enjoying it. We are using a lot of your book suggestions. Tonight we started Mother West Wind's Children and loved it.

    My daughter especially likes Paddle-to-the-Sea. She begs me to read more and I actually found it in her room one evening - she was sneaking a peak at it!

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It is a great benefit to us.

  2. Oh Stacy, that's wonderful! Thanks for sharing. We're in our third week too. I'm still tweaking schedules for the four kids and ironing out the wrinkles, especially for my high schooler but it is FUN.

  3. I really like the idea of the carnival. I am new to CM ideas. I am trying to slowly read through her actual writings as opposed to reading other's books about CM, which are helpful too. I am learning more and more about her ideas. I am new to blogging too and I need some help on posting the picture to my blog. I also need help joining in on it. Thanks for any tips. :)

  4. Thank you so much for the GREAT advertising here :) I'm really looking forward to seeing this carnival get underway. Thanks again!

    The Educational Life

  5. Hi Margie,
    Go to Jacci's blog and scroll down a little ways. She has a post about the carnival. You can email her with specific 'HOW TO' questions. She can help better than I since she is hosting it. I see that you were able to put the pic in your sidebar. Great! If you can't link to the carnival link, you could put a link right below it if you wish.


  6. Hi,

    I am a daily reader of your blog and new to homeschooling this year. Your blog and all your resources have really helped me. I put the carnival link on my blog, though I don't have anything to add to the carnival this time. I'm excited to read it next week!