Friday, August 17, 2007

What We Did Last Summer...

Our summer break is just about over and we are gearing up for the new school year. I can tell it is time because the kids are asking to begin studying in earnest again. We usually have a six to eight week break depending on when we finish.

Our summer schedule was very simple. I simply listed four activities I expected them to accomplish daily and hung it up on our bulletin board.

Daily craft
Daily music
Daily book
Daily choice

The children spent the majority of their craft time (actually art or handicrafts) learning to use acrylic paints. They painted in the style of their favorite artist (currently that is William Waterhouse) and then they moved on to painting rocks. We gathered several smooth stones from a local beach.

These books were a great help to us. Eventually, we'd like to paint a rock town and maybe make a nativity scene. I like this kind of handicraft because it is worth keeping and makes our home a lovelier place. (I like practical handicrafts too.)

Then we moved on to leather work. The girls used scrap leather, leather string, a leather hole punch and beads to make these money pouches. Each time we invited various Turkish children from our neighborhood to participate. We all had a wonderful time learning doing this together.

We have one week left until school. The next project we'd like to tackle is jean embroidery. Doesn't this look simple and fun?

Would you like to share what your children have been doing this summer? If you think you have something to share that will inspire others, just add the link to your post below using Mr. Linky.

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Okey dokey? Here we go...


  1. Anonymous18.8.07

    Great idea! What do you mean by their choice? Was the music time spent practicing an instrument? Thank you for sharing.

  2. Our summer wasn't nearly as much fun! I love the rock painting books you listed. I have added them to list of art ideas. I am thinking that rock painting might make a nice art project when we study rocks and the Earth's composition. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Hi Linda,
    I love your ideas for summer. I like that you still have purpose to your days. The kids can really become proficient at something during those months.
    I linked to the teeny tiny dollhouse treats we made out of homemade clay. It was a lot of fun and really beneficial for my daughter who is always looking for small items to put in her dollhouse.
    I'm looking forward to seeing wwhat other have been doing this summer.
    Have a great week,

  4. Anon,
    Yes, music means music practice. Daily choice means the children get to choose. I have them each make a list of projects or activities they have been wanting to do and they choose from that list e.g. bake such and such, work on writing my book, make a playmobil scene for such and such, write a letter to so and so, make a new blog entry, catch and add some butterflies to my nature journal, etc...

  5. Oh...that rock painting looks like fun AND you do it outside!
    I enjoy seeing your photos!

  6. Those rocks are delightful! Well done to your girls! I can't wait for my little girl to get older so that I can do more of those fun creative things with her!
    Well Done Mom!
    Love Fifi

  7. Okay, ladies, some of you, (not my commentors so far) have been naughty and are using Mr. Linky to your blog, but there is no post about summer or a link to this post so I am just deleting those links. I've been enjoying reading each post from everyone on your blogs. Thanks for playing along.


  8. Lindafay,

    I love your rocks.

    Several years ago my kids painted a picture on rocks and gave to their daddy for Father's Day. We still have them. They're little treasures to us.

    I'm getting your blog through RSS Feed. I have a new Windows Vista computer and for some reason I can hardly visit your blog before it throws me out. So, I'm still here reading, learning and enjoying. :)

    Enjoy the final days of your vacation,

  9. Betty21.8.07

    GREAT ideas Lindafay,

    I know there's got to be more we've done this summer, but it seems like we've spent so much of our summer in and out of the hospital with dh.

    We did fit in some traveling with dh for his work and my dd finally clicked with knitting. She just seems to do it in spurts and then put it down for long times. The boys built many a star ship with Lego's and K'nex.

    We did rescue a newborn dove and have raised it for the past month. Our hens are growing. We saw a meteor during the "shower". I'm trying to count my blessings--they are many.

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Grace & Peace,

  10. That's right, Betty. Attitude is everything. If we cultivate a thankful heart, then no matter how difficult the situation is, we can have joy. True lasting joy is so much deeper than the frivolous kind that comes from newnesss, things, other people serving you and entertainment. I would never say those words if I had not learned to live them through much trial. I can truly say, "He IS enough." I hope I will always be able to say that. Only by His grace, however, not myself.

  11. Elisabeth,

    This is most likely due to your security settings. They don't like something on my blog. It could be a particular website I link to or a javascript. You might need to alter something in there.

    By the way, currently, Turkey is blocking ALL blogs that are hosted at wordpress, so I can't read some blogs. (Officials didn't like an anti- islamic statement on someone's blog). Once they blocked blogger. I hope they don't do that again or you won't be hearing from me for awhile.

  12. Fun post! I found you through the mom blogs. I love the rocks- what a great idea. I also love the four ideas for the day and would love to copy that idea next summer. Thanks!

  13. The rocks look great. My link is to the kids' blog about showing cattle all summer. We just finished the state fair. Please keep posting about your artsy activities. Any pictures of the Waterhouse inspirations?

  14. HI Linda,
    Just stopping by to say hello. How is the jean embroidery going?
    Hope all is well.

  15. I love anything crafty! It encouraged me. Sometimes I think my children are too small, but I think they can do that. I like the idea of "organized" fun for the summer. I too often have nothing planned and we end up having discipline issues. Thanks for the ideas

  16. lindafay,

    Great idea for a blog entry. I have enjoyed looking at everyone's summertime activities.

    I finally got mine put was fun to remember everything we have done over the summer.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  17. Your site is so beautiful, and there are so many ideas. I'll be a frequent visitor. Thank you! Sandra (Living By Learning)