Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Burgess Animal Photo Album is Updated

If you have used my animal photo album for The Burgess Animal Book for Children mentioned in an earlier post, you may have noticed that some of the pictures were very low resolution and you could not print them well. This is because I never tried to print them myself; I just viewed them on the computer with my children while reading each chapter. My daughter went ahead and switched out all the low resolution pics for higher ones this week. So now they should all make fairly decent photo prints, although they won't be pristine, for those interested in adding illustrations to this wonderful free online nature book.

one step at a time...


  1. I must have missed the last post on this. I have looked and looked for the Burgess book and did not realize it was online. Thanks. And thanks for the photos. I think we will make a project out of printing each story and each picture to make our own book.

  2. Cool resource! Even though I went ahead and purchased the books for the kids, I am still always looking for more pictures to show them. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to find all these. I have been slowly doing it myself but was only through the rabbits and hares. It was taking a long time.

    I ordered prints for my daughter.

    Thank you for sharing!!


  4. You are welcome!