Saturday, August 04, 2007

Homeschool Open House

If you haven't visited the Homeschool Open House yet, hop on over to Tiany's blog. Many participants are sharing their schedules, school rooms, lessons and ideas for the new school year.

one step at a time...


  1. I am starting my second year of homeschooling. My daughter was not ready for grade one work till halfway through the year in LA and Maths. So we are still doing grade one this year.

    I know I can't push a rope, but I can't help feeling like I muddled through the year. I did do all the nice memory, narration and such, but I see so much room for improvment especially in being faithful to a schedule that is realistic. I didn't get as much of our History and Science done as I wanted.

    I found I did not stick to 20 min and that made it impossible to accomplish everything in a reasonable amount of time.

    my questions:
    1. Do you find that the only way you can accomplish the number of subjects you do is by sticking to 20 minutes or less each?

    2. I just can't talk myself out of any of my chosen subjects. They do resemble yours mostly. Will I see progress with these short lessons?

    3. Is the beginning with four children the hardest? Does it get easier? I had a gr.1 and a k last year. This year it will be grade 1/2 and k/1 and then a new baby...

  2. Maria,
    I used to spend at least an hour each time we studied history because we were having a good time; but I couldn't fit everything else in and eventually tried to implement the short lesson idea. I'm so glad I did. We accomplish so much more and we still enjoy the history readings immensely. I don't do every lesson exactly 20 minutes. Some things take 30 minutes but we rarely go past that time frame.

    Your children are so close in age have you considered putting them in the same year together? I would only separate them if they were at least two years apart.

    It gets MUCH easier as the children learn good habits and are gradually able to take charge of their education. I think the early years are the hardest, but I also think they are the most fun. Don't forget to enjoy this time. It will be gone before you know it. Expect many interruptions with a new baby and then you won't feel so frustrated. You may have to do some things in the afternoon for awhile. Your children are so young, consider streamlining and cutting out some things that are not that necessary.