Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm Melting!

Our recent field trip to the Mediterranean may have made some of you a little envious of the place I am living. But in reality, as I type this, I am sitting in our rented home with a current inside temperature of 103 degrees F. (I'm not exaggerating) Air conditioning, like clothes dryers, is not available. On top of that, yesterday a dust storm enveloped the city. We rushed to close the windows right before it hit and then had to keep them closed for over an hour creating a virtual oven inside. Last night we took turns getting showers throughout the night just so we could sleep. One of my daughters soaked her gown and slept in bed like that, without my knowledge. Her bed was bone dry this morning. I hope you are all feeling thoroughly sorry for us. Anyway, since my brain is melting from the heat, I don't have anything stimulating to share today, except maybe to remind you to count your blessings... Now I need to remind myself of the same thing and go play Pollyanna's glad game so I can get through another one of these scorchers. Ah,'s something to be glad about. At least I don't live in THIS situation.

one step at a time...


  1. We have some friends who are missionaries in the same part of the world where you are and they have told us about the unbearable heat and the lack of air conditioning and such. Thanks for the reminder that my A/C is a blessing!

    Hope you have a cool day today!


  2. Dear Linda,

    We will be praying for you. Thank you for your inspiration and the reminder for us to count our blessings.


  3. Linda,

    Thank you so much for posting so honestly. I am humbled as I have lately been complaining about our own heat here in Las Vegas (we have been reaching 106-109) but I am very blessed to have AC and sit in comfort whenever I want. Prayers for cooler weather for you. Also, thank you so much for sharing the video. I was amazed at how dark it became as the storm passed through the area the man was filming.

  4. Dear Linda,
    I hope you have some relief from this heat soon. Your daughter had the right idea by soaking her night gown! In Australia we would sleep with wet wash cloths on our forehead and feet. We would also have a squirt bottle full of water next to the bed and squirt ourselves when we would get hot. It was always fun to squirt the water into the air and let it "rain" on you!
    When I was pregnant with my daughter we lived in Texas and the AC broke. I'd have my husband spray water on the sheet to get it wet....that was the only way I could sleep! Sounds awful I know - but it worked.
    Hope you have a cooler day,

  5. Prayed for you.
    That was quite a sandstorm in the video. My husband is in Iraq and has shared a few photos of the sandstorms he has seen. Amazing!

    ~ Christina

  6. My husband said, "I wish we could ship you the 2 window airconditoners we can't use in the new house!" :) I wish we could too! Prayers for your comfort! It is great to see

  7. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! If it makes you feel any better... we didn't have ac for a week and we only turn it on when we %100 have to...

    Praying that your oven will turn off soon! ; D


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  8. 103 degrees?!?! in the house?!? Wow. I will pray for a break in the heat.

  9. I was just checking some of your "Latest Finds" links and was tickled to find that the "Parental Discretion" article came from my hometown newspaper, the Fauquier Times-Democrat. It is a weekly paper that has maintained its local flavor despite that the town where it is based has grown exponentially over the last 25 years. (A 45 minute commute to Washington DC, it was a one food store town without a fast food establishment when I was growing up, now there is little in the way of commercial establishments that it does not have. But, there are still plenty of horses, farms, and country roads to maintain its character.) Anyway, it was a treat to see an article from their paper so broadly circulated.

    The oppressive heat sounds dreadful. We are so spoiled here with everything being air conditioned. My grandma, who did not have AC, used to tell me when I visited as a child during those humid Virginia summers to pretend I was at the North Pole and freezing. It worked when I was eight. :)

    wahoo92 from:

  10. Thanks everyone, for your well wishes and prayers. We live near the sea, so the humidity was just awful. It is cooler today. You'd think I'd be used to this by now, but after 11 years, I still have such a hard time with the heat. It's only about one month out of the year that it feels just dreadful, but it came early this year. Whenever I visit America I experience culture shock. Air conditioning is one of many shocking things for us : ) Especially cold houses on hot days.

    Have a great day,

  11. Oh... I feel for you!
    It does not even get that hot, here in Florida.
    And of course we do have a.c.
    I prefer hot weather to cold...but when it interupts your sleep...Oh that's bad! I really feel for you!

  12. Anonymous30.6.07

    Do you have a freezer? When we lived in France without AC and the temp. were above 100 one of our team members would put her sheets in the freezer along with her nightie! It's a thought!
    Tarheel Mama

  13. The freezer works! I live in Texas and sheets, jammies and morning clothes come out so refreshing.

  14. Amber1.7.07

    Thank you so much for all of your inspiring work here on this blog. I am a brand new homeschooler exploring the CM method and you have taught me tons. I am blogg tipping you on my blog and adding you to my favorites. Thanks for recording your work here!

  15. It can always be worse, huh? The sand storm was amazing. 103 in the house? Not amazing. I'm praying for relief for you and the fam!

  16. Wow. Now that is hot. I will appreciate the blessing of our air conditioning more.