Friday, May 18, 2007

Books 'n Things

I've been tagged by thoughtful Melissa at The Bonny Glen. I am to name my current reads.

Here is a partial list:
Daughter of Time by Tey- I find myself feeling sorry for King Richard III!
Dark Night of the Soul St. John of the Cross- Insightful and Encouraging, DEEP
Birth of Britain by Churchill- mostly a political history; a difficult read but very informative
Vol 6 School Education by Mason-I always find new inspiration reading this volume
Numbers, Romans, Psalms- history, commentary for today's generation and encouragement.
Swallows and Amazons by Ransome-found a sailing boat chart this time to follow along with this wonderful children's book. Boys and girls will love it.
The Jungle Books by Kipling- always a winner. I like book one better than book two.
How the Heather Looks by Bodger - Didn't care for the first few chapters, but King Arthur was fascinating. I hope it continues to grow my interest.
How to Read a Book by Adler- practical and very helpful for the teen plus reader
Lilith by George MacDonald- read it 15 yrs ago. Forgot much of it. His universalism belief shows as well as his keen imagination. It's not my favorite MacDonald book, but maybe my imagination hasn't been properly baptized yet.
Pilgrim's Progress part 2 by Bunyan-reading this *fourth time, to my eight yr. old. It's good but I like part one even more.
Once and Future King by White- I did not care for the first volume even though it revealed good and bad leadership through story. I like volume two much better so far, although I am editing parts for my daughter. Volume two has excellent fodder for discussion about govt.
The Pursuit of God by Tozer -always a winner
(about half of these are rereads)

I'm also researching:
Life of John Donne-love this guy
Tolkien's philosophy-I'm exploring the criticism behind his non redemptive mythological world.
Life of Keats- I'm afraid he lived a lousy life and died a dreadful death
Life of Degas-finding conflicting info about this man. Some folks love him and some hate him.
King Richard III-hero? lunatic? Doubt we'll know this side of heaven
the Star of Bethlehem-watched fascinating video on the research behind this. How little we know...
How to repair your clock-my bird clock chimes 20 minutes before the hour. I'm determined to fix it myself
How long to boil raw milk-does anybody know? I hear conflicting opinions from one minute to 13 minutes. Our raw milk is definitely not safe due to dirty farms.
Various bread recipes for breadmaker- all links and recipes welcome. I have a large capacity machine so am looking for recipes to fit.
crocheting with a tiny hook-everyone does this around here. I 've simply got to learn. I'm starting with Karen of Poland's bookmarks.
Online music theory- my kids are getting ahead of me. tsk...tsk... I was determined my children would learn piano even though we don't have access to a tutor. They are doing great. My daughter can play simple classical music selections now. Ah... bliss.
Pelagianism- Researching this belief that Miss Mason may have had about human nature. This may explain why she was so positive about the child's nature. (I am not so positive)

I'm listening to:
Bruce Cockburn's, Dart to the Heart
Loreena McKennit's, Mask in the Mirror
Schumann's Symphony 1- Spring

I would like to tag Kimberly, Traci , Shannon, Carol , and Heather No pressure. :- )

one step at a time...


  1. Thanks for tagging me ... I like to play, so mine is up -

    ~Heather :)

  2. Anonymous18.5.07

    I liked what you said or perhaps alluded to about Miss Mason's view of the child being so positive. I have always struggled with that view of hers, especially when I view my children in action and know what to be true about myself.

    What books are you enjoying from year 7?


  3. Anonymous18.5.07

    I'm interested in your comment regarding Pelagianism and Miss Mason. This grabbed at my curiousity, and I'd like to know if you would list any online references you found, so I could indulge myself with extra curriculae reading. ~thanks :)


  4. Betty18.5.07

    Hi Lindafay,
    I too am having a hard time with the pellagianism, but think maybe Mason was trying to balance out the opinion of children at that time. I know that I tend to over-compensate somebody else's harshness. At the same time, I know what is in my heart and in the hearts of my children, and apart from Christ, "no good thing dwells within me".

    Now, the real question that's just bubbling inside of me, is HOW do you manage to read so much? I am a reader and I have alot of books going (maybe 4-5 that I have picked up during the past month, 6-7 that I've started and not finished). I've also picked up knitting in the past year and struggle to find time for it. Then there's reading blogs! I limit that to the morning and I've trimmed out quite a bit, but I am learning so much and enjoy the fellowship. I can't seem to stay on top of all I want to read for me, and the books I should be reading ahead for my children. Any tips?

    I haven't been to a homeschooling convention in years. I dropped out of our homeschooling support group about 2 years ago, for several reasons. I KNOW what the Lord has placed on my heart for homeschooling; I've always been attracted to CM methods; I have bought what I think we need (still a few more books to go). What I do miss from pulling in, is fellowship . I find that I tend to never leave the house (except for errands and church) and that at times my children really need to play with friends. It's so hot here, that it really wipes me out to be out at all. I know you can relate to all of these things. What helps you?

    Sorry for all the questions following a post on a reading list! I really value your thoughts!

    Grace and Peace,

  5. I was wondering whether you'd share your online sources for music theory. I'd like to teach my daughter (6-year-old)to read music (I can, so I don't need to teach myself first), but I'd rather print off the computer than draw/write out my own lessons. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for your terrific site. I've been holding off on creating 1st grade lesson plans because it looked so daunting. Now that I've seen yours, I've actually made it half-way through!


  6. Thank you for sharing your list. Many of these I have not heard of.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    ~ Christina

  7. Thank you for tagging me. I posted my list, which, by the way, looks rather feeble compared to yours. I was going to ask you when you get time to read that much, but then I realized you probably just make it a priority, something I need to work much harder at.
    On a side note, thank you for the ideas on creativity and tea parties. I have taken your advice about thoughtful planning for a baby shower I will be hosting in my home at the end of the month. I believe I will be able to spend less than $25 on the whole thing, with a lovely lavender/green floral theme, mostly using things I already have and arranging the menu to use seasonal and on sale food. I will post photos on my blog after the event.
    Warm regards,

  8. Anonymous19.5.07

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It is one of my favorites! I would love to see your schedule to see how you fit in time to read, crochet, etc. I can never seem to find time to read or enjoy a hobby. I have five kids ranging from 2 years to 11 years. Being a wife, mother, homeschooling and trying to keep up with the house and laundry pretty much uses my day and I don't have time for anything fun. How do you do it?

  9. Linda,

    Here is a link to my blog where I posted my 14-grain bread recipe just for you! :) My family loves it - having the different types of grain makes for nice texture.

    I haven't posted much but I'm still here. I love to read your blog. It's always a must-read for me.

    I really enjoy hearing about the Turkish lifestlye too.

    Blessings to you, Elisabeth

  10. Thanks for tagging me! I'll get to it today. My list will NOT be as impressive as yours however!

  11. Love your ideas and books. I find it fascinating that you live in Turkey.

    We live in central IL. My kids have a cattle blog if you would like to take a peek.

  12. Renee23.5.07

    So this is what a book list looks like when you get out of the *disciplining your crazy toddler creatively* book stage!! Very excited about the future;)

    Not very excited to see your comment on CM though!! I just posted on this (well...truth be told, I haven't *just* posted about anything...) but the post is here when you are back online . I found a really good article that RC Sproul wrote on it that is linked there. I thought I was reading more in her volumes of a correct view of sin nature. It is such a critical issue that cannot be overlooked IMHO...please let us know what you find!!


    Renee in MI

  13. Hi Ladies. I wish I could respond to each and every comment, but I am especially behind this week.

    How do I read so much? Well, I am home a lot. I devote one hour during the children's afternoon quiet time to read. I also read in the early morning for about thirty minutes and I read at least 30 minutes before bed at night. I am organized. The house is on a schedule and everyone knows what needs to be done throughout the day. This is after YEARS of habit training. Please notice,however, that I don't have a lot of time for my own personal reading. Many of the books on my list are books I am proofreading for the children or reading aloud to them. Other than my morning spiritual books, I am only reading one book for sheer enjoyment. Altough I must say I do enjoy reading my eldest daughter's books. Some we read together, some separately. By the way, I am NOT crocheting at the moment. It is just a desire. I usually crochet in the winters and spend more time outside in the spring.

    Elisabeth, thanks for the recipe. Unfortunately, we only have access to very few grains. I am trying to be creative by throwing nuts and what few seeds I can find in the batch to make it healthier. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Renee,thanks for the link. DId you see that one, MaineMOM?

    Amy, I shared an online link or two in my delicious column last week. I have a few more somewhere. This is my favorite right now that my girls and I are using along with our books.

  14. "determined my children would learn piano even though we don't have access to a tutor"
    I love that attitude!

    Your book list is quite impressive.
    George MacDonald...the same who wrote our wonderful poem this week: 'Little White Lily?''ve got me looking up Pelagianism.
    Now my brain is really busy!
    Thank you, again.

  15. That's the same George,Keri!

  16. That's the same George,Keri!

  17. Regarding the "getting" of books- I live in New Zealand and struggle to get the books you recommend. I'm wondering what you did whilst still in Turkey?
    For example I can get pets in a jar from amazon for $0.01 used but the postage is very very expensive. Should I just write down the list and save up until I can get them all? Really as I write this I'm not sure why I am really, because there's no way you could possibly suggest anything for someone in a foreign country..... I'll just clutch at straws that you might have another international reader who might add some joy they have had in this area..... Thanks tho :)