Thursday, April 19, 2007

Our Family Literary Newspaper has Gone Video!

Our family (mostly our children) publishes an online literary newspaper just for fun. We mentioned this as one of our Family Fun Night activities. After a year of publishing in written form, the children have decided to begin a monthly video broadcast in its place. We are pleased as punch to invite you to listen in on their very first program at RadioINK.


  1. Anonymous19.4.07

    I just wanted to say your children's radio broadcast was delightful! We enjoyed it very much. I do have a question. It pretains to exams. I'm beginning year 3 soon with my ds 9. I'm using mostly your book suggestions and schedule with a few that I'd like him to read.I wondered if you would be so kind to post your year 3 exams when you are finished with it. I dont know if you ever intended to but I would love to be able to glean ideas from it. I wont start year 3 for a couple months so I dont need them right away I just like to prepare ahead of time! Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to making your blog so resourceful. You are a gem!


  2. Thanks for letting us know, Lindafay! I have added the children's blog to my feed.