Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Curriculum Plan

I have finally sat down and typed out our 12 year curriculum plan so that it can be viewed at a glance on a single sheet of paper. This is not set in stone because I think a plan needs to be fluid, allowing for individual differences in children, but this is what we have generally done in the past and it has worked beautifully for us so far. This framework keeps me sane, focused, content with what I have, saving me from wasting money on the latest and greatest. Sometimes we replace a book with a better one but it is because I have been looking for it, not because it caught my eye. Of course, living overseas far from an English bookstore helps me stick to my plan too. Anyway, if you want a better idea of what we are doing or just want to use the form for yourself and plug in your own plan, feel free to take a peek on my files page.

one step at a time...


  1. Hi, Lindafay-
    There's nothing more clarifying than seeing it all one page, is there? Your plan is so much like what we did, and I can tell you from the other end looking back (three of my four boys are finished, and the last one is almost done) that it works beautifully.
    It's so wonderful to share life with your dear children who have grown up sharing a love for the best and most beautiful in art, music, and literature!

  2. Linda,
    I'm printing that out, now! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    So grateful for your time and organization,

  3. Anonymous11.4.07

    I love that!!!! I like looking at a plan for the years. It also helps me when I can see ahead to not get side tracked by things that just glitter but aren't part of the plan.

    My Dh and I have always loved this music that you have on right now.

    One other thing was it hard to make that table in MSWord? I am not always computer literate as much as I would like. I might try to make my own.


  4. It won't let me in, something about data transfer limits. It says to try again later, so maybe then.


  5. It let me in this time! Thanks!


  6. Linda,
    Thanks for this! It's a great help to see it all laid out, especially for this mom who has an upcoming 1st, 8th & 9th grader, with 2 more little ones to follow later.

    I have an American history question. I know that you use "This Country of Ours", a variety of other books, and have your children create a My America notebook. Would you mind sharing some more specifics on this; such as what you cover each year and what is included in the My America notebook. Does studying early America simultaneously with Ancient World History ever get confusing? I noticed that you only do the American history during the early grades, and then I assume that you wait until it comes chronologically in the upper grades. Thanks for your help!


  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is going to be a resource I use a lot. I'm really struggling with what curriculum to use next year, and it looks like I may have to make my own. It will help to have some sort of lay out to show me what is needful... This was such good timing. I really appreciate it.

    I also echo the comment above about American History.


  8. Very Cool!
    It's great to see a 12 year plan laid out like this.

  9. This is wonderful. I really need something like this to help me plot out my own course, in a few years. I love reading your blog and homeschooling methods. Thank you for letting me link!

  10. Wow, that is really impressive! Thank you for sharing it with us.


  11. I voted for you! just thought I would let you know!

    Love you,

  12. Wow, this is a wonderful chart. Thank you for sharing your simple but effective methods with us!

  13. Janice, it's nice to hear a success story from a veteran.

    Christy, I wasn't sure if anyone has even heard this music before. We like it alot too. I had to fumble around before i figured out how to make charts. It's too long to explain, but its easier if you take a chart like mine and mess around with it, learning how to alter things. That's what I did.

    K and Carol,
    I will try to make a post about this soon showing our America notebook. We have no troubles with the two histories going side by side. I think it is because they are so very different from one another. I also do World History at the beginning of the week and US history at the end. We only keep a world timeline-not US. That is why we use the American notebook. It helps to keep it all separate in their minds. The 'My America' notebook only has copywork and drawn narrations in it. Very simple, but neat and organized.

  14. Anonymous13.4.07

    I was wondering if you have listed anywhere here what "living books" you have used, or some favorite titles? (I have ages 6 and under right now.) I can't tell you how much I glean from your blog, it is a blessing to me.

    Thank you.

  15. Beth, all of our books for each grade level are listed on my sidebar under Our Curriculum.

  16. Thank you for sharing this. It's so generous of you, I am gleaning once again.

  17. Anonymous18.4.07

    Dear Lindafay,

    You are so inspiring, that words cannot adequately describe my awe of you and your family. I am new to CM, and you, and have a question concerning the reading in your curriculum. I am beginning to grasp the idea of reading books slowly, and see on "year 3" (which I will be using next year) that there are many extra reading books on the list. Are those books to be read at the childs pace (read: devour) and those on the curriculum list to be read slowly for daily lessons? Thank you for your great work.

    love, Jamie

  18. Hi Jamie,
    I'm really encouraged to hear you are inspired (but it's dangerous to be in awe of someone you've never met :)

    Just as you thought, the additional reading books are generally scheduled for the children to read at their own pace. If they are neglecting them, then I have been known to schedule one or two that I thought were really important reads.


  19. FINALLY!! I was afraid I would have to email you and have you send it to me!! I could't get it to open on my pc. I finally got it to open it differently. YAY!
    Thank you for this.
    I can't wait for some quiet time to look at it and formulate ours better. I like the way you charted it. It is easier than what I had come up with.

    I wish I could get into narration and copywork more regularly. I love your posts about your methods.
    We started out doing textbooks, and I feel like I have been playing catch-up and not able to even get the Littles going with some of what I'd like to.
    Yes, One step at a time!!!

    Love and Blessings.
    Hope you and yours are well.