Monday, February 12, 2007


I just received my first magazine from SOUTHERN LIVING. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions!

If you have some particular topics or questions you would like me to blog about please leave a comment under this post. I won't make any promises, but if I feel I can and should write about it, I'll try.

Here is the view from a window in our new home. I am enjoying it immensely.


  1. Anonymous12.2.07

    Your blog is one of my favorite places for help with the charlotte mason method of education. The fact that it is so different from what most of us grew up with and that most people, at least that I know, don't really understand it occassionaly make it hard to continuely "swim against the current". Did that make sense? I am remind of the verse in James 1 about being double minded. Most of your posts inspire me to keep on going in CM.

    If fact, I read your post about why you choose a CM education and it relit my fire.

    I enjoy your posts about CM so much, I don't have any specific requests, just keep sharing your journey along the CM path.


  2. I echo Christie. I come to your blog to read your perspective on Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy. Your posts have blessed me to give new life to different areas of our lessons several times. Your viewpoints are refreshing.

    I also enjoy reading about King Peter, Queen Susan, Eustace and Jill.

    So do my kids. ;o)

  3. Your view is breathtaking! What a way to greet the day! Enjoy!

  4. While I thoroughly enjoy and learn so much from the posts about Charlotte Mason (they have been so practical and answered so many questions I have had), I also love hearing about your life in Turkey. I would be interested in hearing about your new home and surroundings. It has been fascinating to get a glimpse of that part of the world through the your eyes. Your new view is breathtaking.


  5. Anonymous12.2.07

    Wow! God is so good! What a breath-taking view!

    I echo all the comments. I learn so much from your CM posts. Often though it's the "rest of life," the housekeeping, the laundry, the cooking, juggling all the areas of our lives that is the most challenging for me to figure out. How to incorporate our own mother culture would be great too.

    Your posts about Turkey are also such a blessing. It helps me appreciate and learn from a life somewhere outside our little bubble. For me it has enlarged my perspective to learn about your life.

    In general, just keep writing! Love, Betty

  6. Hi Linda,
    The view is beautiful! I'm so happy for you and your family.
    I always have questions for you and things I'd love for you to blog about - but at this moment I am blank! How odd.
    Have a great week.

  7. Lindsay12.2.07

    Hi Linda,
    I enjoy reading your blog for all of the reasons mentioned above! Your posts are always so thoughtful and inspiring.

    My question is about how you go about choosing books for your children--keeping the twaddle out.

    Also, I currently have just one child; my daughter is 19 months old and I am planning to homeschool her the CM way! What recommendations do you have to begin CM education early on? What did you do (and currently do with your son). What should I keep in mind and remember for the future?

  8. Hi Linda,

    My question goes back awhile. I'd love to hear how you use Ambleside once your children enter at their 7th year. I have a daughter beginning high school next year and want to continue using CM's style as it as been such a blessing to us this year. Your site & wisdom has helped more than I can express.

    I also have some questions concerning Shakespeare & what eternal value that might have for my children...but I'm otherwise embracing CM. Congratulations on your new home!

  9. I am relatively new to your blog, so if you have answered this question/topic before, please forgive me and direct me to the right post. My husband and I have decided to homeschool. Our eldest will be 4 in April, and I would like to get the ball rolling soon. What curriculum/materials would you suggest for preK homeschooling? Thank you.

  10. sharron c12.2.07

    Just keep doing what your doing!

  11. Anonymous12.2.07

    I love your archives! If I need help in an area, I can just click on the appropriate category and find good answers to my questions!
    Please keep posting about holidays and the way your family celebrates them. We loved the Valentine bag idea, and our girls have just gone ALL OUT! Homemaking related posts are great too, ie, cooking and cleaning. (What are your basic cleaning products/supplies?) Also, my eyes have been opened to how feminism pervades our culture!I would love to hear more of your thoughts on raising girls and guiding/preparing them for the future.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your wisdom and experience!
    Christy ~ the other one (smile)

  12. Anonymous12.2.07

    Ce est magnifique! How generous of God to give you such beauty!

    Hope you enjoy Southern Living!

  13. You are such a warm group of ladies. Thank you for helping me understand what would be most helpful at this time.

    I will continue to post a little about Turkey; please forgive me when I seem a little vague. I try not to discuss my personal life on the blog.

    There is a preschool page on my sidebar for those interested in preschool/curriculum ideas. I will add a CM preschool post to my list, as well.

    K, I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you wanting to know how to implement HEO year 7 for a child who has only been CM schooled for one year? Or just want me to share how we implement HEO?

    Shakespeare's value is on the list, too. That's a very good and valid question.

    Hugs to all!

  14. Linda,

    The question is just a general use question. I've used much of your Year 5 for my 7th & 8th grader this year. Your layout is very user friendly & helpful; I find HEO a little less user friendly and much more overwhelming. I'm not concerned with my daughter keeping up with the work, even with only one year of CM under her belt. The CM style fits our family beautifully. I'm just a little confused on how to fully implement HEO. I wouldn't mind seeing what your HEO schedule looks like for a 12 week period.

    Thanks for responding!

  15. lindafay,

    Just wanted to stop by and see what is going on in your world. I am glad to hear you are settling in and have such inspiration outside your window.

    I love the "this and that" of your blog. I enjoy a good post about Charlotte Mason but I equally enjoy just the nuts and bolts of how you structure you school. I highly enjoyed reading about your term exams at the end of last term.

    So stop by my blog anytime, you are always welcome and I will continue to read your entries come what may.

    Harmony Art Mom

  16. Hello!

    Your blog is one of my very favorite paces to visit and always keeps me inspired. I so enjoy reading about how you implement Charlotte Mason's methods in your own home.

    I did have a question I've been meaning to ask you for awhile. You mention covering certain areas such as art or poetry once a week (I think!?).
    I have always thought that things need repeated on a daily, or almost daiy basis for chidren to retain them well. However, I have had my thinking changed a lot lately as I study the CM and Classical methods of homeschooling and don't mind changing my mind about this either!

    My five little ones are ages just turned 6 and under, so I am working hard at coming up with a plan that runs as smoothly as possible. (I truly believe that the CM and Classical methods of homeschooling are an asnwer to prayer and am so excited to implement them!)
    I would love to set aside one day a week for math, one day a week for art study, etc, while still covering the basics every day. I guess I need my mind put at ease that this is alright to do and won't stunt their growth ;-)

    And if I have misunderstood and I DO need to cover these things on a daily basis then I don't mind hearing that either. I guess I just need to settle on one way or another instead of "halting between two opinions"!

    I have read Charlotte Mason's book "Home Education" and perhaps this is covered in there.(I know I need to read it again!)

    I thought I would see if you would mind sharing your input on this topic. :-)

    Thanks very, very much for all of the help and encouragement you offer.


    P.S. The view is LOVELY! I grew up in Alaska and we had a very, very similar view outside our window there. Growing up in such daily beauty spoils one to live anywhere else :-)

  17. Jennifer,

    We cover the three 3's almost daily-math, writing and reading, grammar being covered just a few days a week. This is also what Miss Mason recommended. Other subject areas are covered once a week such as art, composer, nature walk,Shakespeare, et al.

    However, the art print is seen daily as a computer background in our school. The composer's music is played almost daily, too, as background music while studying.

    Does this clarify it for you?

    You can look in my files section to see a sample of a daily schedule in our home at: