Friday, August 11, 2006

What I Did Last Summer


Sweet memories still float around in my head of quilting with my mother. When my dear brother and sister-in-law gave me a sewing machine last Christmas (oh joy!), I decided it was time to introduce quilting to my own daughters. This is what we have been working on throughout the summer.

We are extra pleased and proud of ourselves because in spite of the fact that we didn't have a rotary cutter, quilting mat or ruler, we perservered with just a pair of scissors, a school ruler and the back of our dry erase board. (I know, I know... I'm a wee bit kooky but those tools are not available in our small town.) I couldn't bring myself to buy quilting material when I had bags full of hand-me-downs, so each pinwheel is made from a dress or shirt worn by a family member over the years. I would have never attempted to make this without the proper tools but Randi's instructions were so detailed and the pictures so inviting, well... I just fell for it. (Don't you just love those bloggers who not only share their finished projects, but tell us how to make them?)


The children enjoyed making it and even my youngest helped out with the tying.

Now, don't tell, but we plan to give this to our dear friend, Mrs B. and her new baby gal this weekend. Shhh.....


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