Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Value of Teaching Folksongs and Hymns

"Folk songs are a large part of our collective heritage. Every culture has a tradition of folk songs and it is important to hear them and learn about them. Folk songs tell stories just like a good book and often they commemorate a special event or significant period in history.

Hymns are a part of our heritage of faith and teach us many things; namely, they instruct us in how to worship God through song. They are, in essence, religious poetry set to music. Often our idea of worship is wound up in contemporary music, jazzy Gospel or even rock and roll. Hymns remind us of the reverence we should show to our Creator and are a very important part of our faith. It is sad to say, but many churches no longer sing hymns. Unless we teach them to our children, they will grow up not even knowing they exist.

Just as an aside, I know many people from my parents generation that can recite hymns as easily as scripture. They often quote a favorite hymn in times of trial or sorrow as they can bring great comfort during difficult struggles. Hymns offer us a way to experience God in the fullest sense, through our ears, our voice and our heart."

I can't improve on this quote. Thanks for sharing, Carol.


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