Thursday, June 15, 2006

Where I am From

I am from twirling dervishes and calls to prayer, ivy mosaics and crescent moons on minarets.

I come from a grapevine covered porch and a stone oven, village bread and covered women; bright scarves with embroidered edges and brown naked children in the surf.

I am from Saturday bazaars, sellers hocking copper wares and silk tapestries, cherries, figs, hazelnuts and eggplant;

From smoke filled parlors, tea, backgammon, tea, Turkish delight and tea.

I am from three-legged dogs and shoeless waifs with dark, empty eyes;

From a fortuneteller's coffee swirls, blue beads, fear.

I am from a rattling teacup, panic, rubble, wails and death.

I am from Homer's inspiration, King Midas' bane, Paul's mission and Churchill's shame.

Joy in the Morning is having a poetry contest.
She’s collecting “Where I am from” poems inspired by George Ella Lyons. Please join in the fun! Go here for details on how to enter the contest. (Thanks Semicolon)

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