Friday, April 28, 2006

Hints On Child Training

Hints on Child Training
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My favorite book on TRAINING THE WILL was written by Clay Trumbull, the great grandfather of Elisabeth Elliot. He was a contemporary of Charlotte Mason. I read somewhere that they were friends. He speaks about the necessity of will training rather than will-breaking:

“Breaking a child’s will is bringing the pressure of external force directly upon that will, causing the will to give way under the pressure of that force; Training a child’s will is bringing such influences to bear upon the child that he is ready to choose or decide in favor of the right course of action."

He speaks with grace and wisdom while he goes through the scriptures and points out God’s character. He does not rely solely on the proverbs of Solomon, but the entire words of God.

Some of the chapters include:
Honoring a child’s individuality
Letting alone
Never punish in anger
Dealing Tenderly with a Child’s Fears
Sorrows of Children
Training a child in:
Self Control
as a Questioner
Taste in Reading
Not to Tease (nag)
Cultivating the Imagination

I highly recommend this book and give it an:

Grading Scale
A = You MUST have this book in your library!
B= This is a very good book. Would be a nice addition to your library.
C= A straw in the haystack, but certainly NOT the needle.
D= Good fire starter.

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  1. Anonymous23.12.06

    April 28, 2006 - Agree!

    Posted by boo4baby

    Loved this book, too! It truly is a MUST have. Have you read SHEPHERDING A CHILD'S HEART or AGE OF OPPORTUNITY? Also great books!


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    April 29, 2006 - Love this book

    Posted by Anonymous

    I have this bok and need to reread it. I have reverted back to my bad momma ways. This book is fabulous and really compliments CM's work and style.

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    April 29, 2006 - Thank you Linda!

    Posted by Mamma1420

    Your blog is so insightful and informative! Come on, you know you want to share something that has been bothering you....just kidding! Thank you for being a great Charlotte mason supporter and furthering the information into cyberspace for all of us! God Bless You. Jessica

    p.s. Cool graphics-the chalkboard thingy...

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    April 29, 2006 - to the thoughtful ladies who took the time to comment...

    Posted by lindafay

    Thanks for leaving your calling cards, ladies!

    Yes, Becky, I also like Shepherding a Child's heart. I don't think it is quite as practical as the other, but it is an 'A' book in my opinion. I haven't read the other you mentioned. If it was published recently I haven't bought it, since I live overseas and bringing books over is quite a big chore. I have to be very choosy.