Thursday, February 16, 2006

Year 2 Exams

For those who may be interested, here are our Charlotte Mason style examinations for year two (for approx ages: 7-9 yrs):



Child’s History of the World

What do you know about Julius Caesar?

Show me where the Roman Empire was on the World Map.

Show me the two main places the Barbarians and Huns came from on the World Map. Tell me what you know about them?

Show me where the Byzantine Empire was. Tell me about it.

This Country of Ours

Name the northern New England colonies that you can remember. I will write them on the board.

Tell me about 2 of the colonies.


Pilgrim’s Progress

What is this story about?

Explain what an allegory is and how this story is an allegory?

Understood Betsy

Tell your favorite part of Understood Betsy.

Tanglewood Tales

Tell about The Minotaur.

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

Retell The Taming of the Shrew or The Merchant of Venice.

Burgess Animals

What is a rodent?

What do you know about the Rabbit Family?


Please choose your favorite painting from ____________ and tell me why you like it. What do you know about this artist?

Who is the composer we are studying? What is the name of his composition? Which part is your favorite? Why?


Turn in your beadwork project.


Sing this term’s two folksongs and hymns

Recite the Bible passage you learned

Recite your Psalm

Recite the poem you have learned by Mr. Walter de la Mare.


Please read the following paragraph from ________________ aloud in your best voice.



Child’s History of the World

What were the Crusades?

What can you tell me about Richard the Lionhearted?

Who was Mohammed and what religion did he start?

What can you tell me about the Feudal System? Use these words: duke, lord, squire, serf, page, knight

This Country of Ours

Of the 13 original American Colonies, if you could have lived during those early days, which one would you have chosen to live in and why?

How was the Mississippi River discovered?

What can you tell me about the French and Indian War?


Machlock Gun

Tell your favorite part of the Matchlock Gun.

Tanglewood Tales

Tell about The Dragon’s Teeth.

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

Draw a scene from one of these stories. (Measure for Measure, Two Gentlemen of Verona)

Viking Tales

What story did you especially like from Viking Tales? Tell it to me.


What do you know about the artist we have been studying?

Name two of your favorite paintings of his and why you like them.

Give a recorder recital for family fun night.


Sing the two folksongs and hymns you learned this term.


Turn in your cross-stitch project and sketches


Burgess Book of Animals

Tell what you know about the Squirrel family or the Mice family


What is the difference between a limpet and a barnacle?

Tell me what you know about plankton.

Turn in the Pagoo book that you made.


Recite a poem from memory by Mr. Field or Riley


Take a timed addition speed test


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  1. Anonymous23.12.06

    February 16, 2006 - You are so organized!

    Posted by Mileshouse

    Very impressive schedule - the teacher in you really shows!
    My dh is interviewing on Monday for a position in PA, so if he gets it we'll have to start providing a yearly plan for the state to approve. I may check back with you, if you don't mind, to see if what I come up with looks presentable. I was fairly organized this year, but we still chase rabbits (or nutria rats) when the spring winds blow. (You can see pics of these critters some time next week when dh is finished prepping for the interview and has time to download them for me. So clueless am I.)
    Love your blog btw. The kids are truly impressed you live in Turkey! Just yesterday in our Zoology text (jeanniefulbright blog) we read about a king who lost his bird in Turkey, but found it in Germany thanks to a bird band - back in the 1500's or something like that. Anyhoo, they remembered the location on the map, so we said a prayer for your family a few minutes ago.
    As a former Air Force brat who spent 7 formative years of her life in Brussels, Belgium, I can say you are providing an education unparalleled to any by just living abroad. Be blessed!

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    February 16, 2006 - Thanks

    Posted by COCOA

    Thanks for telling me how to get my clock up. Now if I could only get it on the right time.....

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    February 19, 2006 - Grateful for your prayers

    Posted by

    Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for praying for us. That is so encouraging to hear. Just as in Narnia, there truly is an enchantment over this land. Fortunately, our children love living here and this is truly home for them. We visited the states recently and we all had a refreshing time, but the kids were ready to go home after about 6 weeks (so was I).

    Feel free to use the books and schedules in any way you can. Several families I know are using them and I enjoy helping them with curriculum plans and scheduling. As you pointed out earlier, it must be the teacher in me. grin, grin...When I get around to it, I will go back and edit the spelling errors and add authors names to the many books that lack them.