Friday, February 24, 2006

Nourishing Traditions

by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, Ph.D

I was introduced to this book by a good friend of mine whose husband had suffered with digestive problems for several years and her daughters had food allergies that affected their behavior in a very negative way. She had tried everything and told me that applying the information in this book changed their lives. The entire family is now healthier than they have ever been. The pain and discomfort, feelings of depression, lack of attention span and other symptoms have disappeared. I know her to be a careful thinker and wonderful homemaker so I listened to her advice and bought the book. My own husband has suffered with digestive problems for two years now and has tried just about everything as well, plus I love books that promote a natural, simple lifestyle.
The authors, Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, Ph.D, give some pretty compelling arguments and research against the low-fat craze that has been popular in America for quite some time now. They maintain that polyunsaturated oils and modern food preservation methods are the chief causes of many health problems rather than natural oils, old fashioned butter, cream and animal fats. Some of the evidence presented is pseudo-science in my estimation, but most is well-documented solid research. Many people today know about the evils of processed foods but still use them. After reading this book you will want to throw them away immediately, not even wanting to subject your poor pet to them. (I promise!)

The authors explain how to prepare vegetables and whole grains ahead of time through a simple soaking process or fermentation so that they are not so hard on our digestive system--the same process that people all over the world used for centuries, but has been lost to our culture only recently. They also explain how to draw out the maximum amount of nutrients in the cooking process. I found this information to be very helpful. If you have colonitis, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, heartburn or any other digestive problem, then this book should especially appeal to you. If you are concerned about your diet and want to eat healthier, then this book is for you, as well. It is very large because it is actually a cookbook and nutritional book in one volume. I am currently trying out the recipes on my family. It’s been a nice change for us. (By the way, we only made these dietary changes six weeks ago and already my husband feels much better)

I would say that this book is not for the casual reader as it is a pretty serious read but I guarantee that it will jolt your views on nutrition and give you new ‘food for thought.’

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  1. Amelia in TX7.1.09

    Hi there,

    I just found your site and and love the name...I also love the Chronicles of Narnia. I have 3 young children and also live in TX although in a suburb of N. Dallas...would love to move to a more rural setting, but it's in the Lord's hands right now.

    Anyway, I borrowed from a friend the NT book a couple of years ago...found it very intriguing, but we weren't ready for some of the changes then. Since you wrote this post in 2006, what are your thoughts now about the changes you have made and/or do you eat quite a bit differently?

    If my memory is correct, many of the columns of info next to the recipes were comprised of somewhat "anecdotal" evidence for the authors' conclusions. I would have appreciated more "scientific" evidence as my husband is a bit of a skeptical sort. We are all in favor of no trans fatty acids in our foods as well as no HFCS and many of the other "pollutants" in manufactured foods. I guess I would really love to see someone who has done some deep study and research as to the veracity of all of the claims in this book.

    I would love to see any comments you might have.

    You have a lovely site.